Why you need a bathroom designer for
your next bathroom renovation

Are you thinking about a new bathroom design or a full bathroom renovation?

Chances are, you’ve been looking online for new bathroom ideas and inspiration. And why wouldn’t you? Social media channels such as Pinterest and Instagram are a great way to get some bathroom design inspiration and discover the latest bathroom design trends! However, we’ve noticed this can also cause a few issues for homeowners and its why we usually always recommend hiring a bathroom designer for any bathroom renovation.

The biggest issue we have come across is that the overwhelming amount of bathroom inspiration online leads people to believe they can easily design their own bathroom. However, what many people don’t realise until further down the line is that bathrooms are a lot more complex than they seem.

Secondly, many people seem to believe that the beautiful designs they see online are unattainable or cost too much. Here at Kallums, we believe anything is possible and can tailor your new bathroom design to meet your budget.

Below, we unpack all the reasons why you should consider using a professional bathroom designer for your next bathroom renovation.

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Using a Bathroom Designer for your London Bathroom Renovation

What's the best thing about hiring a bathroom designer?

There are many advantages to hiring a bathroom designer, but the biggest advantage is their knowledge and expertise. Many people underestimate the complexity of designing a bathroom and try to take on the task themselves. There are many technical considerations with any bathroom and some bathrooms are more complex than others. 

Trying to design a new bathroom without factoring in all the technical aspects can cause many problems and may result in your design being impossible to achieve. Ultimately causing a lot of stress and potentially wasting time and money depending how far into the bathroom renovation you were.

That’s why we sincerely believe that the key to a great bathroom is to have it designed by a professional. The perfect bathroom should not only look great, but also offer excellent functionality that has been designed to suit your lifestyle and meets your individual or family needs.

Designing a bathroom that ticks all the boxes requires a qualified, highly skilled, professional bathroom designer.

Even though many people have a rough idea of what they would like for their new bathroom design, it can be difficult putting pen to paper and drawing out the plan. Whereas a bathroom designer can do all of this for you and use their expertise to recommend a bathroom design that is achievable and will produce high quality results.

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Hassle Free Bathroom Design and Renovation in London

Why a fully managed bathroom design service is better

Another benefit which seems to be regularly overlooked is that using a bathroom designer will make your bathroom renovation much less stressful.

Many homeowners agree that undertaking any kind of renovations can be extremely stressful and heavily disrupt your daily life. Trying to plan and manage a new bathroom design yourself, whilst still juggling the pressures of daily life, can be incredibly stressful. Particularly if you don’t have any technical knowledge of bathrooms.

Hiring a dedicated bathroom expert and letting them manage the design of your new bathroom will result in a stress-free experience, as well as peace of mind knowing everything will be done perfectly.

Our team consists of the best bathroom designers in the industry. That’s why we offer a comprehensive bathroom design service that will help you create your dream bathroom, in a simple, stress free manor. Click here to find out more about our bathroom design service London.

Add value to your home with a designer bathroom

A stylish, well designed bathroom can really add serious value to your home. Now, you might not even be considering the idea of selling your home. But over the years a lot can change and investing in a designer bathroom that was curated by an expert will pay off in the long run.

Luxury bathroom products are made with higher quality materials that are built to stand the test of time. So, in 10 years’ time your designer bathroom can still look as good as new – which is a great benefit to you regardless if you plan on selling your house or not.

If you buy a bathroom with us, your design service is free

As well as causing stress, bathroom renovations require time and money. And if you opt to manage the bathroom renovation yourself you will end up investing a lot more time and money. Especially if things go wrong, which is very common if you don’t have technical bathroom knowledge. Our bathroom design service is free of charge when you purchase your new bathroom with us. So, you can have your dream bathroom designed by an expert with no cost to you!

We also offer a fully managed bathroom service, which was designed to save customers time and money, as well as a stress-free bathroom renovation. This service includes project management, bathroom design, supply, and complete bathroom installation!

So, you can sit back and relax whilst we take care of everything and bring your dream bathroom to life with our fully managed bathroom service.

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