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Here at Kallums, we consider designer bathrooms our speciality. Many people may not associate the word luxury with bathroom, but we believe that luxury can be achieved in every home – including the bathroom! As the stresses of modern life continue to grow, everyone deserves a space in their home that can be used as their own private sanctuary. That’s why we create bathrooms that are not only functional, but serve as an indulgent place to relax and unwind in.

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest provide a wealth of bathroom ideas and inspiration. However, despite this helping people realise what sort of bathroom design or style they would like for their home, many people feel these luxurious designs are unattainable. Our team includes the best bathroom designers in the industry, and with our years of expertise we believe anything is possible. We love brining peoples dream bathrooms to life and exceeding all expectations.

Below, we discuss exactly what goes into creating an incredible designer bathroom and how we can help you achieve it.

With a wealth of bathroom inspiration readily available online, many people have a rough idea of how they want their new bathroom to look. But it can be difficult to understand how to achieve the desired new design and put into action. Working alongside a bathroom designer can ensure your new bathroom design is achievable, planned perfectly, and will produce the desired results.

Another great benefit of hiring a bathroom professional, which is often overlooked, is that it will be much less stressful. Planning a bathroom renovation whilst still juggling the pressures of daily life can be immensely stressful, particularly if you don’t have much experience with bathrooms. Working with a dedicated bathroom expert results in a stress-free experience, as well as saving time, money, and peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of.

Kallums Bathrooms has the most knowledgeable and talented team of bathroom designers, including award nominated bathroom designers. If you are considering a London bathroom renovation, contact our friendly team today.

Designer Bathrooms London

The biggest key to success when creating a designer bathroom is to have it designed by a professional. Many people wrongly assume that bathrooms are fairly straightforward, when in reality they can be very complex. With many technical factors that need to be considered, some bathrooms more than others, creating a new bathroom design can become very complicated.

As well as creating a bathroom design that considers all technicalities, you also want a design that looks great whilst offering excellent functionality. What determines excellent functionality is unique to every individual or family, as your bathroom needs to suit your lifestyle and personal needs. With so much to consider, hiring a skilled bathroom designer can help tick all the boxes and ensure your bathroom renovation is completed to perfection.


Consider a luxury bathroom as an investment. You may spend more money upfront on superior quality products, but this pays off in the long run when your bathroom still looks brand new in 10 years’ time. Premium bathrooms are also a more economical choice due to using higher quality products. They benefit from exceptional durability and longevity which makes them more sustainable. We supply a vast range eco-friendly bathroom products, including water saving taps, energy efficient bathroom lights, and many products made from sustainable materials.

Of course, we can’t forget one of the most obvious benefits of a designer bathroom – The beautiful, finished look! A luxury bathroom not only looks incredible, but it also feels it too. To completely understand what sets luxury bathroom products apart, you must experience the touch and feel of them to truly appreciate their superior quality.

Unlike many other bathroom retailers, we supply an extensive range of bespoke bathroom products. Allowing you to create a bespoke bathroom design that represents your personal style. This includes bespoke finishes and textures that further enhance the luxury feel.

Luxury Bathroom Products

Want to know what really differentiates a designer bathroom? Luxury bathroom products! Opting for higher quality bathroom products has many benefits, including elevating your bathroom design to a whole other level.


The phrase “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to bathrooms. A cheaper bathroom may seem appealing and cost effective but unfortunately this is rarely the case. In most cases, a lower budget bathroom can end up costing more in the long run. This is because cheap bathroom fittings are not built to last! You can end up spending a lot of money having to fix leaks and find replacement parts. Or in worst cases having to completely refurbish again.

Coalbrook Taps in Showroom

Designer Bathroom Ideas

We’ve discussed everything that goes into making a spectacular designer bathroom. Now, we want to share some ideas with you. Below we’ve compiled a few of our favourite luxury bathroom design ideas to help with your next bathroom refurbishment.

Luxury Bathroom Tiles

For some, bathroom tiles are the essence of their new bathroom design. But they should be chosen with care as they can make or break a bathroom design. However, when opting for luxury bathroom tiles it’s hard to go wrong.

If the tiles are curated by one of our talented bathroom designers, the results will be spectacular. A trend we truly love is allowing bathroom tiles to be the standout feature of a new bathroom design. Pairing striking tiles with sleek, minimalist sanitaryware usually results in a bold, exquisite feel. All our luxury bathroom tiles are crafted to an exceptional quality and boast a luxurious feel and texture.

Bespoke Bathrooms

Earlier, we touched on our ability to create bespoke bathrooms. What could be more luxurious than your own unique space to relax and unwind in?

Some people prefer not to follow popular bathroom design trends, and want a design tailored to them that’s completely unique. If that sounds like you, then a bespoke bathroom design would suit you best. We offer an unrivalled number of bespoke options at Kallums. From custom made bathroom furniture to bespoke colours, finishes and textures – we have everything you need to create a personalised bespoke bathroom design.

Bathroom Textures

One of our favourite trends that is guaranteed to enhance the look of your designer bathroom is by experimenting with texture.  There are so many creative ways to use luxurious textures in bathrooms, which can be adapted to any bathroom style.

Opting for a fluted glass shower screen or enclosure is a simple yet effective way to level up your design. You can also find fluted textures on bathroom furniture, taps and accessories. Another great option is using wooden panelling on a small but significant area of your bathroom, which can add warmth and character. We also supply an excellent range of textured bathroom tiles.

Ready to plan a designer bathroom?

If you would like to speak with us about any of our services or book a visit to our luxury bathroom showroom, we will be happy to help with any questions you have.

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