Luxury Bathroom Ideas

How many of us have day dreamed at work of getting home and taking a long soak in a bubble bath?  Relaxing in a large, elegant and free standing clawed bathtub is to many of us the epitome of a luxury bathroom. A luxury bathroom offers the ultimate antidote to fast-paced modern life.

Instagram images of luxury hotel bathrooms fuel this idea and make us lust over a comparable retreat in our own homes. The trend of indulgent bathing doesn’t look like it is going to fade anytime soon! 


Beautiful Luxury Bathrooms

With the right amount of skill and experience, your master bathroom could be an elegant and luxurious space. With so many new and innovative products aimed at the high end market, there is plenty of choice when it comes to high quality fixtures and fittings. 

You just need to find the luxury bathroom style that’s right for you and your home.

In recent years, especially since the pandemic, homeowners all over London have demanded bigger and better bathrooms.

Beautiful luxury bathrooms often draw on timeless traditional design ideas and most frequently feature bold colours, freestanding bathroom furniture and clever design tricks.

Luxury Bathroom Installation

Bathroom remodel jobs feature grandiloquent designs more now than ever before. Installing these high end and luxurious bathrooms can be a complex task.

Therefore, it requires a highly skilled team of luxury bathroom fitters to ensure the job is done right. Kallums Bathrooms have a team of dedicated bathroom experts with over 30 years of bathroom knowledge and experience. Our highly trained and expert bathroom fitters are high in demand all over London and beyond.  

As an added bonus, we also have an installation project manager who oversees every luxury bathroom installation from start to finish. If you decide to let us install your bathroom, you can rest assured your new bathroom is in professional hands.

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Clad walls and floors in luxurious marble

It’s said marble was used to create the temple of Olympus and parts of the Parthenon. It’s now popular in interior design and most particularly in luxury bathrooms, creating spaces that are reminiscent of Ancient Greece.

Using marble in a bathroom can instantly create an elegant and luxurious design.

Bathroom designers at Kallums like to use marble not only on the floor but all over the bathroom, including the walls and bathtubs. We think it is both beautiful and breath-taking when used extensively throughout a bathroom design.


Take luxury to the next level with a walk-in shower

What could be more luxurious than a walk-in shower? A walk in shower will help to inspire a well-designed and beautiful bathroom, no matter the size of the space. 

We believe they are the perfect design option for bathrooms big or small. Walk in shower ideas have the ability to combine the demand of a practical family bathroom and modern, luxe design. 

Once installed, walk in showers are easy and comfortable to use however planning a luxury installation requires a few key decisions, including flooring, screens, tiling and size. Each aspect will hugely impact future use so it is best to consider the options at an early stage in the process. 

As a rule of thumb, walk in showers should usually be at least 760mm x 760mm in size to still look great and offer a comfortable space to move around.  

Luxurious freestanding tub

Let’s face it, there’s a reason why the bathroom isn’t called the “toilet room” or the “basin room”. It’s because the simple bath has been the main focus of this practical room for many decades. Therefore it is not surprising that choosing a bathtub is often one of the hardest decisions in a luxury bathroom remodel. 

Recently, one of the biggest bathroom design trends has seen a switch from regular straight baths to freestanding tubs, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Freestanding baths offer a sense of luxury and indulgence—the perfect opportunity in which to soak, lie back, close your eyes and let the anxiety and rush of modern life wash over you.


We Can Design, Supply & Install Your Luxury Bathroom

We understand that a luxury bathroom remodel can be a stressful experience – but it doesn’t have to be! When you buy a bathroom with us, you can rely on our team of experts who specialise in the design, supply, and installation of bespoke, luxury bathrooms.

Luxury Bathrooms Design Inspiration

Considering a luxury bathroom design but unsure where to start? Below we have rounded up some of our favourite luxury bathroom ideas and inspiration.

Luxury bathrooms can transport you from your familiar environment into a wonderful spa-like retreat. We bring luxury designs to life with our experienced team of designers and installation specialists. 

Ready to update your bathroom to a luxury retreat?

If you would like to speak with us about any of our services or book a visit to our luxury bathroom showroom, we will be happy to help with any questions you have.

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