Modern Bathroom Ideas

The essence of a modern bathroom design is typically open spaces, with sleek lines and minimalist styling. Bathrooms of today need to provide more than just a practical experience; they need to offer a spa-like luxury at home.

A tranquil space to relax and unwind from the stresses of life. Nothing provides this quite like a luxury modern bathroom design. Here are some of our favourite modern bathroom ideas

Modern Bathroom Design Inspiration

The possibilities are endless when it comes to modern bathroom designs. With a wealth of bathroom ideas and inspiration easily available online, it can feel a little overwhelming. You may also struggle to work out what designs you like and would suit your bathroom best.

Below, we have rounded up some of our favourite modern bathroom ideas to help you find the best new bathroom design, and that will have your modern bathroom still looking luxurious in years to come.

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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Colourful Bathrooms

In today’s modern age, we are no longer restricted to the standard white bathroom suite. It’s no longer just bathroom furniture and accessories that come in a wide variety of colours! Bathroom manufacturers have evolved to offer ceramics and baths in almost any colour imaginable! This has encouraged interior designers and homeowners to opt for bolder and more colourful choices within their bathroom.

Our favourite suggestion is to choose bathroom tiles that have multiple colour shades in them. Pick one and purchase coloured ceramics all in that same colour! The result will be a luxurious, bold yet seamless modern design. However, you might not want to change your entire bathroom colour scheme!

By simply replacing your current ceramics for a new colour sink or colour toilet, you can add a stunning pop of colour and a stylish contrast. Alternatively, you could just purchase a colourful bath to create a stunning centrepiece for your modern bathroom.

Marble Bathrooms

Marble exudes modern luxury and continues to grow in popularity. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to marble. You could create a complete marble sanctuary with seamless marble tiles, countertops, basins, and accessories. However, for some that might be a bit too much marble!

We have a couple of favourite ways to create a luxurious modern bathroom design with marble. One of our favourites is to use marble tiles on both walls and floor, but in two different colours. Resulting in a seamless yet contrasting design that will look perfect with any style of ceramics.

Alternatively, we highly suggest using marble tiles to create a feature wall. To further elevate this design, you can place an inset bath along this wall and tile around the bath for a sleek look.  

Home Spa and Wellness

Modern technology and clever bathroom innovation means it’s never been easier to create a spa like environment at home. Somewhere luxurious to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life. The appeal for creating this at home (particularly in the bathroom) has only continued to grow in recent years.

Every individual will have their own unique version of f what a relaxing environment would be. Luckily, there are many ways to create a contemporary spa like bathroom at home that can be tailored to your needs. This can vary to  just small changes to improve your current bathroom to a complete bathroom renovation that incorporates the best in home spa technology.  For simpler changes, it can be as simple as adding greenery, mood lighting and more natural elements.

Another great option is to upgrade your bath or showering area! This can be achieved by opting for a whirlpool bath or a bath with jets. For the shower you can upgrade the shower head to a rain shower head with different spray types, as well as wall mounted body jets. If space and budget allows, there are many great home spas and home steam room units available. They offer the best luxurious at home spa experience.

modern bathroom ideas

Bathroom Innovation has come a long way in recent years. Now there are many contemporary bathroom products that can meet a vast range of needs and requirements. It’s now even easier to create a luxurious spa-like environment in your own home. Even the smallest spaces can be transformed into a luxurious, contemporary bathroom.


Modern Bathroom Installation

We have designed, supplied, and installed many breath-taking modern bathrooms. Our talented team are experts at merging practicality with exquisite modern design. With over 30 years’ experience creating outstanding contemporary bathrooms across London and beyond, we have utilised our wealth of knowledge to offer an extensive collection of the finest bathroom products available.

A bathroom refurbishment is typically a stressful experience for homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be. Our fully managed service (which includes bathroom design, supply, and installation) is designed to make any bathroom renovation a breeze. Most bathroom retailers will just recommend you an installer, but not Kallums! We offer our own in-house team of bathroom Installation experts, along with an installation project manager, to ensure every bathroom installed by us is completed to the highest possible standard.


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