Two Bathroom Renovation West London

Are you thinking about a new bathroom design or a full bathroom renovation in West London?

Our expert contracts team was commissioned by Green County Developments to provide bathroom design and supply services for this incredible two bathroom renovation in West London. Collaboration is often the cornerstone of successful projects, and this bathroom renovation in West London is no exception.

Together, we transformed the dated and mundane appearance of two bathrooms with thoughtful layout changes, the careful selection of luxury bathroom products, and a keen eye for design.

The Brief

Complete Bathroom transformation in West London

The client’s desire was clear – they wanted a complete renovation for both of their outdated bathrooms. With the primary goal being to improve the bathroom’s layout, creating a more fluid and inviting space. It was important for the baths to take centre stage, particularly for the first-floor bathroom. Allowing them to become a focal point that exuded elegance and comfort.

Furthermore, the client wanted storage solutions that wouldn’t overwhelm the space. So, it was imperative that we struck a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. Lighting was another crucial aspect, so it was essential to get creative with lighting to enhance the overall atmosphere and create a calming space.

luxury bathroom feature west london

Designer Bathroom Highlights

Layout Transformation: One of the most significant changes in this renovation was the transformation of the bathroom’s layout. The original arrangement was reimagined to create a more efficient and visually appealing space.

This change not only improved the bathroom’s functionality but also allowed for the bath to become a prominent focal point. The shower enclosure was also vastly improved and is now a more open sumptuous showering space, that no longer obstructs the harmonious flow of the design.

Storage Solutions: To meet the client’s desire for storage without overwhelming the space, we opted for a wall hung vanity unit and a recessed mirror cabinet. The light brown colour of the vanity unit perfectly complements the tiles, and by being mounted on the wall keeps the space feeling more open. These choices not only added practicality but also contributed to the bathroom’s sleek and uncluttered aesthetic.

Lighting: Lighting was key for this bathroom design. We incorporated feature lighting to frame the freestanding bath and further enhance the focal point. It also allows for calming lighting for long, relaxing soaks in the bath. LED lighting was also strategically placed in niches to provide both functionality and an ambient atmosphere.

Tile Selection: The choice of tiles played a pivotal role in elevating the bathroom’s design. Large format marble wall tiles were chosen, creating a luxurious backdrop that harmonized beautifully with brushed copper fittings and highlighting their gorgeous colour. The herringbone floor tiles add warmth and softness to the bathrooms colour palette, as well as creating a classic charm.


We created a functional yet luxury family bathroom for our client

The top floor bathroom had the most impressive transformation. What was once an awkward, bland, and outdated space is now a luxurious, stylish family bathroom that perfectly blends exquisite modern design with superior functionality.

With stunning bathroom tiles, brushed copper fittings, feature lighting, chic storage – and of course an exquisite freestanding bath and sumptuous showering space.

Our clients were beyond thrilled with the final result and love their new luxury bathroom design.

shower bath

Bathroom Products selected for this project included:

Taps & Brassware – Arteform

Vanity Unit – IdeaGroup

Freestanding Bath – Victoria & Albert

Shower Enclosure – The Shower Lab

Tiles – Stone & Ceramic Warehouse

WC – Alice Ceramica

Wet Room Floor – Wet Room Materials

Lights – Astro Lighting

Heated Towel Rail & Underfloor Heating – Thermosphere


We created the perfect Luxury Bathroom, even with an awkward space

For this bathroom transformation, changing the layout was a little more difficult due to the awkward nature of the space of the first floor bathroom.

However, sometimes it’s the small details that make the biggest impact, and we were able to make small changes to vastly improve the layout and efficiency of the bathroom.

Resulting in a stunning, clean bathroom design with seamless marble tiles, brushed copper fittings, feature lighting, and discreet storage options. Once again, our clients were absolutely thrilled with the final results.


luxury sink

Bathroom Products selected for this project included:

Taps & Brassware – Arteform

Vanity Unit – IdeaGroup

Inset Bath – Bette

Shower Screen – The Shower Lab

Tiles – Stone & Ceramic Warehouse

WC – Flaminia

Lights – Astro Lighting

Heated Towel Rail & Underfloor Heating – Thermosphere


luxury bathrooms west london

Small Bathroom Design Highlights

Layout Improvements: We were limited in the ways we could change the layout for this bathroom, but our expert team we were able to make great improvements to the layout to make it a lot more efficient and optimise the space. Large format tiles create a seamless effect that makes the room feel more open, as well as using space-saving bathroom furniture to make the bathroom feel less crowded. 

Storage Solutions: Efficient storage solutions was key to this bathroom renovation. We opted for a wall hung vanity unit and recessed mirror cabinet, which helped open up the space whilst providing plenty of storage to keep the bathroom free of clutter. The walnut finish of the vanity unit added warmth to the colour scheme. There was an existing built-in cupboard at the end of inset bath, which we decided to utilise for further storage. We tiled over the door, which made the cupboard appear more hidden and created a more seamless effect.

Lighting: Lighting was key to elevate the features of this bathroom design. We used LED lighting on the underneath of the inset bath, which offers excellent ambient lighting for a relaxing atmosphere. We also used stylish, fluted lights to frame the recessed mirror cabinet. Plus, LED spotlights on the ceiling for the main light source.

Tile Selection: We wanted to keep both the bathroom designs consistent but for each one to still have its own unique qualities. For this bathroom we used large format marble tiles again. Creating a harmonious flow, that continues seamlessly by encasing the inset bath. Once again, the marble tiles perfectly complement the brushed copper fittings and highlight their beautiful finish. However, we juxtaposed the marble tiles with square Zellige wall tiles, resulting in a slight rustic feel whilst adding interest.

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