Two Bathroom Renovations Central London

A stunning two-bathroom renovation in central London consisting of a master ensuite and guest bathroom, created using our fully managed service. Our clients came to us with only a few small details they knew they definitely wanted, but wanted to predominately rely on our design expertise to help create two perfect bathroom designs. Resulting in a beautiful blue bathroom design with brushed brass features for the master ensuite and a stylish yet minimalist guest bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation in Central London

During the first consultation, our clients informed us they wanted their two bathroom renovation in central London to have a minimalist, high end look. The only key design requirements they knew they wanted was underfloor heating in both bathrooms. As well as a walk-in shower, wall hung toilet, LED lighting, and a possible layout change specifically for the master ensuite.  They were considering large format marble tiles with brushed brass fittings, but particularly wanted our bathroom design services to help create the perfect colour scheme and choose the right tiles.

After conducting a site survey and measuring the spaces, our talented London bathroom designers began working hard on creating two exceptional luxury bathroom designs. For the master ensuite, we expanded on our client’s original concept of large format marble tiles and brushed brass fittings and opted for a blue bathroom design with a Jack and Jill layout. With the guest bathroom, we created a minimalist neutral toned bathroom design with a bath that offered a relaxing space for guests.

Ensuite Bathroom Design London

During the initial brief with our clients, they advised that both bathroom designs should be minimalist in style. We stuck to that brief, however with the ensuite specifically we opted for a slightly bolder design by adding the colour blue into the décor which added a sense of character, which our clients loved!

We created a Jack and Jill bathroom layout with a luxurious double blue vanity unit paired with two sleek brushed brass taps. Above the vanity unit, we painted half of this wall the same colour blue resulting in a consistent, well balanced design. Instead of white marble tiles, we opted for ivory neutral toned marble tiles on the walls and floors which for added warmth. As our client requested, we created an indulgent walk-in shower enclosure with a brushed brass fixed shower panel and effortlessly chic shower niche for storage. This was paired with shower brassware and heated towel rail all in the same brushed brass finish. Finished with LED lighting and a large LED mirror cabinet that created a stylish, elegant ambience.

Due to complex positioning of a waste pipe, we were unable to change the layout of the bathroom. This posed an issue for the desired wall hung toilet due to the low wall and required toilet frame. However, we were able to overcome this issue by sourcing an innovative in-tank wall hung toilet, which has the cistern and flushing mechanism integrated into the toilet itself. Therefore, completely removing the need for a concealed toilet frame and allowing our clients to have the wall hung toilet they desired! We also removed an existing door which led to the hallway, creating a more open but private space.

Guest Bathroom Design London

After designing an ensuite with a walk-in shower, our clients felt it was important to have a bath in their home and we couldn’t agree more! For this bathroom we opted for a very neutral, minimalist design. However, we still wanted to invoke a feeling of warmth and a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. Light grey tiles were chosen for the walls and floor, and enveloped a large built-in bath resulting in a seamless look. We wanted to ensure the guest bathroom offered versatility, so we paired the bath with an overhead shower, hand shower, and bath shower screen for multiple bathing options. Plus, we created another shower niche for more effortlessly chic storage.

To complement the grey tiles, we opted for chrome taps and fittings with white ceramics, which aided to a light and airy feel. We paired a sleek white basin with a vanity unit in a darker shade of grey with brown undertones. This created a stylish but subtle contrast but enhanced the warm, natural feel of the bathroom. Finalised with a modern wall hung toilet, large mirror, and LED lighting for a peaceful ambience.

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