Minimalist Bathroom Design: Our Bathroom Makeover for Top London Blogger

Here at Kallums, we recently collaborated with top interior designer and blogger Ruth of Design Soda to completely transform her bathroom. Ruth wanted her new bathroom design to forgo all bathroom trends in favour for a timeless, minimalist bathroom design. Using high quality bathroom products that will stand the test of time to create a calm, relaxing bathroom for the family to enjoy.

Kallums’ transformed a badly installed bathroom into a luxurious minimalist bathroom design

There were many reasons we wanted to collaborate with Ruth, but there was one reason in particular that really stood out to us. Ruth had a bad experience with her previous bathroom installer and ended up with a badly installed bathroom.

This resulted in numerous problems over the years such as exploding taps and loose fittings which caused multiple leaks. Despite paying for the leaks to be fixed as well as relaying tiles, some of the fittings continued to slowly leak through to the kitchen.

Ruth’s original bathroom was only six years old and shouldn’t have needed a complete renovation that soon. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with bathrooms that are badly installed and something we hear from clients far too often!

Bathrooms are our passion, and we find it deeply upsetting to hear from so many people the issues and expense caused from poorly installed bathrooms.

Minimalist Bathroom Design

Interview with Ruth from Design Soda: Why Minimalist Bathroom Design is Timeless

Our collaboration was a great success and together we created a luxurious, minimalist bathroom design with premium quality products. Ruth was beyond thrilled with the results, as were we!

A few weeks after the project was completed, we sat down for a quick catch up with Ruth to discuss all things bathrooms.

We know it must be hard to choose, but what do you love the most about your new minimalist bathroom design?

It is hard, there are so many elements I love, but undoubtedly the concrete basin from Kast is the showstopper piece, as a statement sink which isn’t in any way bling it’s the perfect design detail for our bathroom aesthetic.

Obviously, a huge part of your bathroom design was forgoing bathroom design trends – but if you had to pick your current favourite bathroom trend, what would it be?

Ooh that’s so hard, I like so many! I love the use of darker marbles that’s coming into vogue, stylised spaces, and also the cottagecore aesthetic with ornate patterned papers and bold colours.

This is exactly why I avoided trends with our bathroom, there are just so many I like and I wanted to create a minimalist and timeless bathroom design

What’s your favourite part of designing a new bathroom?

The inspiration phase, I love collecting samples of materials, tiles and paint and playing with them to see what works together.

I am drawn to so many kinds of tile and really enjoyed collecting samples and deconstructing the merits of different kinds. Once we were near to the finish line with installation, I also loved the excitement of seeing the vision for the bathroom coming together.  


What did you enjoy the most about working with Kallums bathrooms?

I loved the wealth of quality products you stock, made with honest materials built to last. And having the expert tips and experience from Xavier’s careful eye with his pragmatic approach to the spatial constraints of our small period bathroom was intrinsic to creating the bathroom we have now.

I also loved visiting the showroom for the presentation, it was great to be able to interact with the materials and see how different options felt and looked in the beautiful setting of your space. 

Do you have and advice or tips for anyone planning a minimalist bathroom renovation?

As bathrooms are such an investment it can feel overwhelming making long term decisions. I found using Pinterest super helpful, starting off with everything I loved or was drawn to

I then interrogated each image I’d saved to hone down to the actual details I liked and then saved a scheme of materials and looks that worked in harmony and which represented the styles I most loved. 

I couldn’t have been happier with my experience with Kallums planning our new bathroom. I had quite an exacting brief and a tight space, but Xavier’s knowledge and expertise made for a really smooth process and he had lots of great suggestions on layout and finishes. I couldn’t be happier with our new bathroom!

We thoroughly enjoyed transforming Ruth’s bathroom and knowing she will no longer have to deal with multiple leaks from her previous badly installed bathroom. High quality bathroom installations are something we are deeply passionate about, as we know they are key to achieving the perfect new bathroom.

That’s one of the main reasons we created our comprehensive bathroom installation service! Contact our expert team now to install your luxurious minimalist bathroom design.

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