Master Bathroom Design Twickenham

Our contracts team were tasked  with a transforming a en suite in Twickenham into a luxurious, master bathroom design. The original bathroom, whilst already generously sized, had an awkward layout and beige décor.

Our client wanted a tranquil master bathroom design that offered excellent functionality, with the overall goal of a large shower space and freestanding bath. This incredible master en suite offers great inspiration for modern bathroom designs and green bathroom ideas.

En Suite Bathroom Refurbishment Twickenham

The initial brief from our client was focused on their idea of creating a separate, spacious shower; as well as making a comfortable toilet area that offered privacy. Plus, they wanted a freestanding bath as opposed to the built-in bath they currently had – however they weren’t sure if it was even possible to create a layout that would accommodate all of this.

After conducting a survey and taking measurements, our expert bathroom designer began sketching three viable layouts. The final layout and design went above and beyond their expectations and resulted in the luxurious, spacious bathroom they had always dreamed of.

With a large, spacious showering area that was sectioned off from the rest of the bathroom, and a custom-made shower bench as a bonus request. Taking centre stage is a striking feature wall which frames a beautiful freestanding bath with wall mounted taps.

Plus, the discreetly positioned area for the WC which offers a sense of privacy and detachment from the rest of the room.

Shower Room Bathroom Tiles

When entering the bathroom, the first thing you notice is the standout feature wall. Our client wanted stunning and eye-catching bathroom tiles for the focal point of their new bathroom design.

We chose striking large format green bathroom tiles from The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse. Minimal grout lines and texture help this to look like a natural formation, as if carved from a block of stone.

The stunning tiles mimics Verdigris, which develops on copper and stone during exposure to the elements. This creates a raw, natural ambience as well as the beautiful earthy tones and texture. With the cleverly placed freestanding bath against these tiles, it brings balance to the bathroom décor with an element of sophistication.

To further enhance the gorgeous green bathroom tiles, we opted for wood effect floor tiles and light cream tiles for the rest of the walls.

The wood effect tiles bring a warm, natural feel to the space whilst adding a refined quality. Plus, the light cream tiles perfectly complement all other hues in the bathroom décor. Together, they keep the natural, earthy palette flowing along with the peaceful atmosphere. 

Master En Suite Bath

We knew early on when planning this Master Bathroom project that our client really wanted a layout that would allow for a freestanding bath. After experimenting with three possible layouts, we settled on one that allowed for a luxurious freestanding bath to be part of the green bathroom tile focal point.

The spacious matt white freestanding bath from Waters Baths was the perfect choice. Allowing us to create a truly sumptuous, relaxing bathing area – ideal for long relaxing soaks! The strategic placement of the freestanding bath also allows for a pleasant view from the large window, as well as lots of natural light which further enhances the soothing ambience.

Consistency is a key factor in creating a great bathroom design. Therefore, we opted for a matt white toilet from Flaminia in keeping with the matt white bath.

This was strategically placed behind the partition, which helped create a more open plan feel of the room as well as offering a more private location for the WC.

Master Bathroom Furniture Design

To keep a large bathroom looking spacious and tidy, you need storage to keep your space free from clutter. Therefore, our client chose a large double vanity unit from IdeaGroup to help keep the bathroom tidy and organised.

The glossy grey finish added a pleasing contrast but stayed within the natural colour palette. Plus, we opted for the large double basin in a matt white finish – keeping consistency with the bath and toilet. This was paired with beautiful, custom made capsule style mirrors with bevelled edges.

In perfect symmetry we installed elegant floating heated towel rails from Thermosphere on either side of the vanity unit. This gave our clients their own towel warmers as well as framing the vanity unit perfectly, all in the same brushed gold finish.

We also created shelving niches within the partition wall and in the shower for extra storage. These were tiled using the same green bathroom tiles for a sleek, seamless look.

For this bathroom design, lighting was extremely important. In large bathrooms it helps to create pockets of interest and detail, which can otherwise be lost or diluted with poor lighting. We dressed the vanity unit with elegant, fluted wall lights from Astro Lighting in brushed gold, keeping symmetry with the brassware.

To further enhance the lighting, we added LED strips under the vanity unit and in the niches. Plus, 2 recessed wall lights that are activated using a motion sensor and offer soft lighting – particularly helpful for any late night trips to the bathroom!

Master En Suite Bathroom Taps

As well as a luxurious bathing area, our client also wanted a large showering space. A space that would be perfect for indulgent, invigorating showers. Once again utilising the stunning partition wall, we created a spacious, luxe showering area.

For a seamless look, we opted for a wet room floor kit from Wetroom Materials. This was paired with a sleek, glass shower door with brushed gold hinges.

The green bathroom tiles had some beautiful golden-brown tones infused in them and were used throughout the shower. So, we decided to use stunning brushed gold shower head and controls from Vado. For consistency we also used brushed gold taps and accessories throughout the entire en suite.

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