Luxury Bathroom Renovation Chiswick

Are you thinking about a new bathroom design or a full bathroom renovation in Chiswick?

The Kallums contracts team created four luxury bathrooms for a residential property in Chiswick, London using our fully bathroom managed service. We designed, supplied, and installed two cloakrooms, one family bathroom, and one master bathroom 

When we met with our client, they advised they felt their bathrooms were tired and required modernisation. They wanted new modern bathroom designs using on trend finishes. The family bathroom and 1st floor cloakroom simply required one of our expert designers to work their magic and create a stylish, on-trend, modern bathroom design 

However, the master bathroom required a much more thorough re-design with a layout change to make the bathroom more efficient. Surprisingly, the ground floor cloakroom (or downstairs toilet) was the biggest challenge of the project. Originally this space was being used for storage and wasn’t a functioning bathroom, so we had to create one! 

Master Bathroom Design

Complete Bathroom transformation in Chiswick

Before we began working our magic on this master bathroom, it was tired and in need of an update. As well as needing a refresh, the overall layout was not particularly efficient (despite being such a large space) and needed to be redesigned. One of the biggest challenges we encountered when starting the new bathroom design was the sloped ceilings.

Our expert bathroom designer found the best way to utilise the space was to place the wall-mounted toilet against the wall with a sloped ceiling. On the other side of the room, we decided to build a stud wall against the sloped ceiling to box out the space. This helped make the master bathroom design more efficient, as we were then able to mount a heated towel rail on that wall. Plus, it allowed us to create a much more spacious showering enclosure than before.  

Throughout the master bathroom, we used a combination of white marble tiles and light grey stone effect tiles. The white marble created a cool, airy feel which was subtly contrasted by the slightly warmer tone of the stone effect tiles. With a nice large space to work with, we made sure to still incorporate two different bathing options to make the space as efficient as possible.

We framed a modern freestanding bath under a large window, creating a nice focal point and an ideal relaxing spot for a long soak. In the spacious shower enclosure, we decided to forgo the standard shower tray and opted for a wet room floor kit to create a more streamlined, seamless effect.  

On the remaining wall, we mounted a large double vanity unit in a dark grey colour with integrated white basins. This provided our client with a stylish vanity area with lots of storage space, which was further elevated with a sleek, 3 door mirror cabinet.

The dark grey colour of the vanity unit also created a nice contrast against the lighter colour of the tiles. Throughout the master bathroom, we chose all taps and brassware in a luxurious brushed brass finish.

For consistency, this finish was also used on the heated towel rail, shower door hinges, flush plate, and bathroom accessories such as a toilet roll holder. The brushed brass finish added a modern pop of colour to the design whilst adding some more warmth to the space.   

Master Bathroom Products: 

Taps & Brassware – JTP 

Freestanding Bath – Waters Baths 

Vanity Unit – IdeaGroup 

Shower Enclosure – Bespoke by JM Glazing 

Mirror Cabinet – HIB 

Tiles – Stone & Ceramic Tiles 

Wet Room Kit – Wetroom Materials 

Wall Hung Toilet – Flaminia 

Heated Towel Rail – Vogue UK 

Cistern & Flush – Alca 

Master Bathroom Chiswick

Hassle Free Family Bathroom Design and Renovation in Chiswick

Why a fully managed bathroom design service is better

The original family bathroom was already a nice size with a good layout, but it did have a tired, bland beige interior. Our client stated in their bathroom design consultation that they wanted modern bathroom designs throughout the property.

So, we opted for large format white marble tiles – which not only offer a timeless, modern style but also helped to brighten the space and make it appear more spacious. We kept these tiles flowing throughout the entire space and even encased the sleek, inset bath for a seamless finish.

Plus, we added LED lighting just above the bottom of the bath, resulting in some stylish mood lighting that creates a relaxing ambience.  

The vanity unit was the perfect opportunity to add some storage space as well as a pleasing colour contrast against the white marble tiles, so we opted for a dark grey vanity unit with a white basin.

Above the basin and vanity unit we placed a double mirror cabinet for some extra storage. A modern bathroom design works best when it’s free of clutter, so we always ensure to incorporate some stylish storage options.  

As this is a family bathroom, having a second bathing option helps make the space efficient. Especially on busy days when the whole family might be getting ready at the same time! 

Therefore, we made sure to include a spacious walk-in shower enclosure. This was paired with chrome taps and brassware, which we also used throughout the family bathroom for a consistent, cohesive look.  

Family Bathroom Products: 

Taps & Brassware – JTP 

Bath – Bette 

Vanity Unit – IdeaGroup 

Shower Enclosure – Bespoke by JM Glazing 

Shower Tray – Bette 

Mirror Cabinet – HIB 

Tiles – Stone & Ceramic Tiles 

Wall Hung Toilet – Alice Ceramica 

Heated Towel Rail – JIS 

Cistern & Flush – Alca 

cloakroom renovation Chiswick

Once we overcame this issue, we were able to focus on creating a modern design for the downstairs toilet. Keeping consistent with the other bathrooms we re-designed for this property, we opted for large-format white marble tiles throughout which helped brighten the room.

Instead of a typical white basin, we decided to create a pleasing colour contrast with a grey basin. For all taps and brassware, we opted for a luxurious brushed brass finish which perfectly complements the white marble tiles.

We also mounted an illuminated mirror above the basin, which helps create the illusion of more space whilst adding ambient lighting 

Downstairs Toilet Products: 

Basin – Catalano 

Taps & Brassware – Crosswater 

Mirror – No Code 

Tiles – Stone & Ceramic Tiles 

Wall Hung Toilet – Catalano 

Cistern & Flush – JTP 


Downstairs Toilet

The downstairs toilet, also commonly referred to as a cloakroom, was actually the most challenging bathroom for our team.

Originally this room was not a bathroom and was being used for storage. The biggest challenge was working out if we could install a toilet!

As there was no nearby toilet, we were unsure if it would be possible to connect the soil pipe. After a very detailed site survey, we were able to overcome the issue by installing a new pipe length that ran underneath the hallways and outside under the driveway.  


Upstairs Cloakroom

This cloakroom was a much more straightforward re-design than the downstairs cloakroom. We decided we wanted this to look different from the other cloakroom but still in keeping with a modern style. So, instead of a white marble tile we chose a dark grey marble tile for a statement wall and across the floor.

The remaining walls we tiled with a warm, neutral tone to let the grey marble really stand out. For some storage space, we created a built-in shelving into the statement wall.

Due to the restricted space, we chose a small handbasin and a compact wall hung toilet in white. We opted for chrome brassware which complemented the grey marble tile perfectly.  


cloakroom design chiswick


Upstairs Cloakroom Products: 


Basin – Catalano 

Taps & Brassware – JTP 

Tiles – Stone & Ceramic Tiles 

Wall Hung Toilet – Alice Ceramica 

Cistern & Flush – Alca 

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