Fulham En Suite Project

Our contracts team created a large, luxurious en suite – one of three bathrooms from this incredible project. Kallums were commissioned by Green County Developments to provide bathroom design services and supply all products. This award nominated en suite is an astonishing example of creating a sumptuous, modern en suite and offers great inspiration for modern bathroom ideas and en suite bathroom ideas.

En Suite Refurbishment Fulham

Brief: A young couple required three complete bathroom refurbishments whilst renovating their first family home. Green County Developments needed us to create inspirational spaces that were completely designed from the ground up. Their design vision included combining luxurious materials with marble, contemporary brushed gold fittings with elegant lighting to create a luxurious, sophisticated space. The client wanted a consistent, cohesive design throughout all three bathrooms – so we knew the design for this en suite had to closely mirror the stunning cloakroom and shower room.


One of the challenges with creating this room was having almost more space than needed, which is a rare occurrence. To create the luxurious design we were aiming for, it was pivotal to avoid overusing the space and crowding it with unnecessary features. We wanted to ensure that the rare quality of space was maintained and for the design to focus around that. As with every bathroom in this project, small details were key as well as combining style and functionality. The overall result is a beautifully functioning, luxurious en suite that exceeded the client’s original vision and expectations.

En Suite Bathroom Tiles

The client’s original design vision was pairing luxurious materials with marble. Therefore, we opted for large format white marble tiles from The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse. These were used across the floor and on some of the walls. By choosing large format tiles, it produces minimal grout lines which helps maximises the natural marble pattern without breaks. We paired this with dark blue textured herringbone tiles from Villeroy & Boch, which created a stylish contrast whilst helping to break up and balance the space. Both of these tiles were used in all three bathrooms in order to achieve the consistent, cohesive design the client desired.

En Suite Bath

Before starting the design work, we knew the bath had to be one of the standout features for this en suite. After experimenting with several different possible layouts, it became clear the bath would take centre stage. We opted for a large double ended inset bath from Bette and placed under the beautiful sash window, paired with brushed brass bath taps from Arteform. For a truly seamless design, we decided to encase the bath in the same white marble tiles used throughout the room. Resulting in a beautifully bespoke bathing area, that gives the appearance of a solid block of marble.

En Suite Storage

Our client wanted to incorporate discreet and hidden storage into the bathroom design. We created two symmetrical push open drawers in the void of either side of the bath panel. When closed, these drawers are virtually unnoticeable due to the large format tilling and shadow gap detailing. Next, we built a stud void to house a custom designed recessed mirror cabinet which offered a huge amount of hidden storage. Plus, we created stylish niche shelving either side of the mirror cabinet for extra storage – which also benefited from soft LED lighting

En Suite Basin

As well as the bath, we knew the vanity area needed to be another standout feature. Continuing with the marble theme, we chose a bespoke floating marble double basin from IdeaGroup. This matched perfectly with the white marble tiles, resulting in a beautiful harmonious balance. Paired with wall mounted basin taps in brushed brass from Arteform and matching bathroom accessories from Crosswater in the same brushed brass finish.

En Suite Wet Room Shower

We created an almost hidden enclaved shower area, as we wanted a space that offers a relaxing, tranquil experience. Using a wet room system from Wetroom Materials, we created a wet room shower area that offered a seamless design and kept the marble pattern flowing. For consistency with all the other brassware and accessories, we chose a shower head and controls from Arteform in brushed brass.

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