Designer Bathroom Tiles – Top Tile Trends 2023

Designer bathroom tiles are a force to be reckoned with and have the ability to make or break your new bathroom design. With so many colours, textures, styles, patterns, and materials to choose from – the design possibilities are endless! However, for some people this can be quite overwhelming.

It can be difficult to know where to start when planning a new bathroom design, with tiles being one of the more difficult products to choose.

We always recommend consulting an expert bathroom designer when undertaking any type of bathroom renovation (for many different reasons) but especially when it comes to choosing new designer bathroom tiles.

There’s a lot more to consider than just finding a stylish design you love. An expert bathroom designer can help ensure your tiles are the best material for your personal needs and budget! They can also help find a luxe design that suits the size and space of your bathroom.

For example, if you have a small bathroom, some tile designs can actually make your bathroom feel smaller!

Our team of expert bathroom designers have collated the best tile trends for 2023 to help you find the best bathroom tile ideas.

We can help you create a beautiful luxury bathroom (that will still look luxurious in years to come) with our outstanding collection of designer bathroom tiles. Contact us now or visit our London bathroom showroom to discuss your new bathroom design with one of our expert team.

Timeless Designer Bathroom Tiles

Some designer bathroom tiles are simply timeless. They never lose popularity and continue to look stylish with each passing year. Consider the below options for a luxury bathroom design that will stand the test of time.

Bathroom tiles stone

Natural Stone

Natural stones such as marble, onyx, limestone, and granite are ideal for achieving a luxurious look with a natural feel.

These types of materials are great for creating a grounding, earthy feel that promotes a connection with the outside world. Wellness and spa-like bathrooms were a huge trend in 2022 (and very likely to continue in 2023) making natural stone tiles an ideal choice for a relaxing vibe with a high-end look.  

Opulent tiles such as these can be quite costly, especially if you require a large amount. However, we also supply a vast range of stone-effect tiles which provide the same luxe style but are made from porcelain.

Textured Tiles

Texture in the bathroom is a timeless trend that keeps getting better.

There are now many stylish ways to add texture to a bathroom design, but one of our favourites is with textured tiles. Choose from subtle textured tiles with a raised surface with refined lines and grooves, which creates an almost 3D like effect.

Or opt for bolder textured tiles with irregular, shifting surfaces that boast more intricate detailing.

Any type of textured tile will elevate your bathroom design by creating depth and perspective whilst adding character.

bathroom tile textured
statement shower design ideas london

Metro Tiles

Another timeless tile staple are metro tiles, sometimes also referred to as subway tiles.

Metro tiles never seem to go out of style! However, what does seem to change every year are certain colours, shapes, and formats become more popular. We love seeing metro tiles being used in more unusual, interesting formats to create something truly unique.

If you have a small bathroom, we don’t recommend covering your bathroom with these tiles as it can create a grid like, box effect which makes the space feel smaller.

We suggest using these tiles only on one or two walls, whilst being supported be other tiles.

The herringbone layout is particularly stylish and makes for a great feature wall.

Bold Designer Bathroom Tiles

Create a sense of interest or something completely bespoke with bold designer bathroom tiles. If you find the most common, popular bathroom designs a little lacklustre – then consider creating something bold that really speaks to you.

Green Bathroom Tiles

Colourful bathrooms continue to grow in popularity, but one colour that seems to be the current favourite is green!

Earth like colours, such as green, can make us feel more at one with nature, promoting a relaxing and restorative atmosphere. There are so many luxurious options with green bathroom tiles!

On one end of the colour palette, you have subtle mint pastel greens which pairs fantastically with white.

At the other end, you have deep, dark moss and emerald green colours for a more striking and bold look.

Marble Effect Tiles

Marble is of course a timeless staple with bathroom tiles. However, your options with marble tiles are a lot more expansive than you might think.

Instead of your classic white and black marbles, create a sense of drama with bold and colourful marble tiles.

From pretty pastel tones such as blue and lilac, to more dramatic colours such as green, you can create a really bespoke bathroom design with colourful marble effect tiles.

marble luxury bathroom tiles
wood effect tiles

Wood Effect Tiles

A firm favourite trend here at Kallum’s (which we feel is here to stay!) are wood effect tiles.

Ideal for adding texture, character, and interest to any bathroom design, they also promote a sense of warmth and charm that can usually only be achieved with natural wood.

A great way to use wood effect tiles is on the floor when paired with a more neutral toned wall tile. For something bolder, we love using wood effect tile panelling across bathroom walls!

Creating a natural, spa-like atmosphere that exudes serenity. You are spoilt for choice with our vast collection of shades, styles, and timbers.

Statement Designer Bathroom Tiles

It’s good to be different, and the bathroom is no exception! Make a statement with a striking bathroom design using statement designer bathroom tiles, that showcases your own individual style.


Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles

If you want to make a statement with your new bathroom design, but also want it to stand the test of time and still be stylish in the years to come, we suggest patterned bathroom floor tiles!

We recommend using a more minimal, neutral tile on the walls and let your floor do the talking with striking, bold patterned tiles.

Dark and Dramatic

If black or dark colours are your favourite, consider a dark and moody bathroom design that makes a bold statement. To really create a sense of drama, use dark tiles on both the walls and floor! Elevate the look further with black ceramics and/or dark metal brassware.

Alternatively, use white ceramics to create contrast or a bolder metal for your taps such as gold or brass.

Feature Wall

Another firm favourite of ours, which can be tailored from subtle to statement, is a feature wall!

A feature wall is where one wall differs from the rest in your space, creating interest that reinforces your style with a visual impact. The possibilities are endless with a feature wall, and can focus on colour, pattern, contrast, or texture.

When creating a feature wall, we highly recommend keeping the other walls more simple and neutral to ensure that your feature wall takes centre stage of your bathroom design.

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