Creating a Minimalist Bathroom Design
for top London Interior Designer

We recently collaborated with London interior designer and blogger Ruth of Design Soda. Together we transformed her bathroom creating a luxurious minimalist bathroom design, boasting a stylish grey and green colour scheme.

Simple Bathroom Design for a luxury yet minimal feel

Before Kallums stepped in to help, Ruth's bathroom was showing signs of deterioration

Ruth’s original bathroom had been badly installed and suffered with exploding taps, loose fittings, and multiple leaks. After years of having numerous leaks fixed and tiles re-laid, the existing shower fittings continued slowly leaking through to her kitchen.

Ruth’s bathroom was a prime example of what can happen when you don’t use a professional bathroom expert for your bathroom renovation. Something we sadly see far too often! A large number of our clients come to us needing help with their bathrooms, after relying on an average tradesman for their installation.

As well as the troublesome water leaks, she also felt that her current bathroom design looked tired and outdated.

That’s why were thrilled to collaborate with Ruth and help her achieve a reliable yet stunning bathroom design.

During our initial consultation, Ruth informed us that she didn’t want to base her new design around current trends. She wanted a beautiful, minimalist bathroom design with high quality products that would stand the test of the time. The focus was to create a calm, relaxing space that her whole family could enjoy.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas that you can create for your family

Why Ruth choose a minimalist bathroom

During our initial consultation, Ruth explored our bathroom showroom in London for new bathroom ideas and inspiration.

Browsing through all our showroom displays helped gain the best insight on the high-quality products she could expect from us. As well as experiencing all the luxurious finishes and textures we offer. She then sat down with one of our expert bathroom designers to discuss all the particulars of the project.

This is when Ruth explained how despite all the bathroom trends she really loved, she wanted to curate a minimalist design that evoked feelings of calmness and relaxation.

By forgoing all the bathroom trends that she loved allowed Ruth to focus on a stylish yet simple design that will never go out of style. One of the key focus areas for the new bathroom design needed to be material and texture.

As well as creating a stunning bathroom design together, Ruth utilised the extensive knowledge of our dedicated bathroom experts.

Bathrooms are always more complex than people assume, which is why we strongly recommend speaking to a professional when planning a bathroom renovation.

Like majority of London bathrooms, Ruth’s bathroom did not have space to spare. Our team expertly curated a layout that optimised all available space, as well as boxing in all unsightly pipework for a seamless, streamlined finish.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom

How Ruth decided on the perfect luxury bathroom brands

A key aspect of the minimalist bathroom design was a strong focus on material and texture. One of the best products that emphasises this was the Nilo basin from Kast Concrete Basins.

It’s simple square shape and defined contoured lines perfectly suited the minimalist style we were aiming for.

The concrete material created a unique and welcoming texture within the bathroom décor, as well as a pivotal focus point.

Ruth opted for the colour ‘stone’ – a gorgeous dark grey colour that perfectly harmonised with her dark grey tiles.

Below the basin sits a wall mounted 1 drawer vanity unit in a stunning English oak finish. Adding style as well as helpful storage space.

For the taps and brassware, Ruth chose a stunning a brushed nickel finish that effortlessly complements the grey and green colour scheme whilst adding some slight warmth.

The shower brassware from Coalbrook is simple yet stylish with a luxe cross handle design. This was then paired with a luxurious, industrial style tap from Crosswater in the same brushed nickel finish which further elevated the basin.

Ruth experienced issues with her previous bath which did not stay watertight for very long due to being made from a basic plastic material.

Now, she has a sleek but sturdy steel bath from Bette in a white finish paired with a hinged bath screen from Saneux.

Plus, a rimless wall hung toilet in white from Saneux which helped to further optimise the small bathroom space.

The white colour of the bath and toilet added a subtle but pleasing contrast to the green and grey colour scheme.

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