Best Cloakroom Design Ideas

Cloakroom Ideas to Create Functional and Well Organised Cloakrooms and Downstairs Toilets

I have a very small cloakroom and don’t really know what to do? These are the type of questions we get very often from our customers who are clearly struggling to design their small cloakroom.

As the cloakrooms, should contain a toilet and a washbasin, here is the article by Kallums Bathrooms’ everyday experiences which will help you choose the most suited bathroom products by size and function, together with few design ideas for your cloakroom.

1. Conceal all waste and water pipes

2. Use larger format tiles

3. Use wall hung bathroom products

4. Use concealed bathroom products

5. Use compact bathroom products 

1. Conceal All Waste and Water Pipes In The Cloakroom

When starting the work on the cloakroom, attention should be paid to the location and entrance points of water and waste pipes. If possible, they should be concealed into the floor and walls as the clean surfaces, without boxed sections and visible pipes will give cleaner look and nicer presentation of your cloakroom.

2. Use Larger Format Tiles

Cloakrooms appear visually larger when using large format tiles which should preferably be the same colour on the floor and walls. This will create a ‘seamless’ effect which would help with the visual size of your cloakroom.

3. Use Wall Hung Bathroom Products

In order to make the floor of your cloakroom seem larger, use wall hung vanity units and toilets. This will help create an impression that the floor is larger than it is. Also, a clear floor will be easier to clean and wash.

4. Use Concealed Bathroom Products

If the walls and water and waste connections will allow, try to use a concealed toilet frame for your wall hung toilet and possibly concealed mirror cabinet. That way you can reduce space taken by the projections of bathroom products into your cloakroom.

5. Use Compact Bathroom Products

Most of the cloakrooms are small and require the use of compact products. Smallest cloakroom vanity units have a projection at around 200 mm with a basin mixer tap on the left or right side. Smallest projection toilets are around 450 – 460 mm front to back which helps with overall space in the cloakroom.