What Is The Best Bedroom-Bathroom Ratio?

Many of us will only have one bathroom in our homes and that ok. The smaller the flat or house the less need there is for there to be multiple bathrooms. Makes sense, right? Well actually there’s a bit more to it than that! Estate agents have come forward and over 70% agree that there should be two bathrooms for every three bedrooms. In this article we will look at the reasons why this ratio is seen as the most desirable to estate agents and potential home buyers. Luxury Bathroom Designs are incredibly popular with many potential home buyers and estate agents as they really add so much value to a house.

We all know how important our bathrooms are, and for many of us they are the spaces where we spend a lot of our time in relaxation. From hot soaks in the bath to refreshing showers, the luxuries the bathroom offers is just never-ending. Our bathrooms are rooms which we all invest in no matter how little, and we should always bear in mind that they deserve love and attention so they will keep looking their best for many years to come. Whether you have one or five bathrooms it’s always going to need to TLC after a while and these tips below will help you with transforming your bathroom into a haven you can really enjoy!

Going Au Natural!

Using natural materials, whether it is fittings, surfaces or anything else, will give your bathroom some earthy glamour and add some character to the space. If you like rustic beauty or more modern traditional looks then this is the perfect style option for you. There are plenty of great materials you can utilize to really transform your space! A great start would be to incorporate stone into the tiles or walls. Antique taps can add a beautiful look which is rugged and hardwearing, as they are always great quality fittings to have. If you’re interested in adding a new bathroom or your home, a rustic styled space is one that is definitely popular!

Using Colour To Transform Your New Bathroom

Mixing splashed of intense colour with on-trend patterns- whether they are geometric or floral patterns will add some oomph into your bathroom space. Boring white ceramics are not trending this year and it’s all about experimenting with colour and choosing some of the shades which are trending this year: Gorgeous blues, muted greys and sensual aubergines. These elegant, rich shades are best used in single block colours, especially if your bathroom is a tad poky. You don’t want to overwhelm an already tiny room with lots of colour so why not choose a feature wall and splash out on colour in that way! Thankfully, colour doesn’t just stop at the walls as they now have tiles available in a myriad of finishes, shades, and shapes. You could try mixing and matching different coloured tiles for a fantastically contrasting look. Transforming your bathroom, or building a new one doesn’t necessarily have to be incredibly expensive; it’s just about being creative with the materials you can get your hands on, and being creative enough to achieve you bathroom dreams.

The BEST Thing About Having The Best Bathroom-Bedroom Ratio

The greatest thing about having the right ratio of bathrooms to bedrooms is that the overall price of your house soars! It is a known fact that you increase the value of your home by almost £12,000- just by adding another bathroom to your home! So why not do up your bathrooms or start on a new exciting renovation project and add a new bathroom to your home. Make your home gorgeous with a new stunning bathroom- and perhaps you could try one of the brilliant design ideas mentioned above? Or instead you could visit a Designer Bathrooms showrooms London, and check out some of the fabulous High End Bathrooms they have on offer!