What makes the best London Bathroom Designer?

The bathroom design business in London is a very busy and competitive market. Designing and installing luxurious and practical bathrooms is no small matter. There is lots to think about when it comes time to decide on fixtures, fittings, finishes and other practical considerations like electric and plumbing. With so many striving to be the best London bathroom designer it is extremely rewarding when your work is recognised and celebrated by industry experts!

Which is why we are extremely proud that our in-house London Bathroom Designer Gary Read has been nominated not once, but twice for Bathroom Designer Of The Year in the KBB Reveiw Retail and Design Awards.  This seemed like an ideal opportunity for us to catch up with Gary! One afternoon in-between clients we  spoke with Gary about the latest London Bathroom Design trends and what he thinks we will see more of in 2022.

Read on below to find out more about the process of designing a luxury award-nominated London bathroom. We share his best advice for you if you are thinking of starting your own bathroom project. Or you could check out our case studies to see some of Gary’s award-nominated bathroom designs in action!

What makes a bathroom that has been designed by Kallums Bathrooms so unique? Can you identify it from others?

I like to spend a considerable amount of time with a client. This is often over several meetings, consulting and focusing on all the aspects and qualities of the bathroom. We’ll cover the overall design layout to the smaller details which in my opinion cannot be neglected! I like to think that the bathrooms I create with my clients have that attention to the smaller details that often get overlooked and forgotten.

Can you tell us a little more about the process of designing a luxury London Bathroom...what’s involved?

Usually, it’s best to start with the bigger picture and work my way down to the smaller details. A typical bathroom design will see me playing around and experimenting with various layout options. Once I am happy with the overall layout, I then start to look at the specifics of the styling and more closely at the details.

Once I am happy with the overall design features, I then begin to play with various lighting options. I’ll focus on the different materials, finishes, textures, and tiling formats. Throughout this process I am liaising with the client. Its important to engage with them to ensure we are both on the right track and moving towards a design ideal.

Do you have a favourite from the new Putney luxury bathroom showroom displays and why?

The new Kallums London Bathroom Showroom is our best yet for sure, and well worth a visit. It’s difficult to choose my favourite installation but I have to say I do love the new Oxide Verdigris slab tile we have on display now. 

I think it looks like a sheet of copper that has gradually developed a rich green / turquoise patina… reminiscent of Verdigris.

What new bathroom trend in 2022 do you think we will see? 

Open plan ensuites! If it is the wow-factor you are looking for then this design choice will most definitely tick the box. London ensuites can often be quite cramped – by removing the walls you can often make the bedroom and ensuite feel larger and lighter. 

What are some of your favourite bathroom brands in 2022? 

There are so many brands I like to work with, but I have always appreciated IdeaGroup. I know their numerous ranges inside out and this really helps me when I am creating new designs. They make wonderfully designed vanity units, and their service is one of the best in the industry.

Wetroom materials are my go-to wet floor with their unidrain product. I particularly like using Thermosphere’s dual control to thermostat which operates both the underfloor heating and towel warmer. It’s from one programmable control, much more practical than duel fuel or central heating only!

Is there a particularly exciting or challenging project you have worked on recently?

They all have their challenges, one way or another! A project I am currently working on, the client would like an open ensuite in their master bedroom, open plan ensuite you could call it!

This has been a challenge to design as we want to achieve a soft transition between the bedroom space and the ensuite. One of the ways we have achieved this is to use a wood effect porcelain tile throughout the flooring which helps to blend the two spaces together. Then coupled with similar tones throughout between light switches and bath taps, we can allow the spaces to work together.

What sparks your imagination for new bathroom design ideas? 

I often look at pinterest as a lot of the design houses & Architects create experimental 3D renders and visualisations of new designs, trends and styles which make their way there.

Unlike years ago, now, a 3D model and render can be done in less than a day. This is so realistic as you can see exactly how a space will look, being able to experiment without the time and cost involved allows for a much more diverse and rich design concepts.  

If someone was reading this and was about to begin their own bathroom design project, what would be your best advice to them?

Gain a good idea of the type of bathroom you want to create. Try and get inspiration from the likes of Pinterest, Houzz etc then take that idea and come and see someone like myself! We can make it happen whilst helping you avoid the potential pitfalls and traps you can find yourself in if you take such a project on yourself.

And wildcard question! What was your favourite film of 2021?

I love sci fi, so I have to say Dune was a real treat to watch!

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