Kallums Bathrooms

Gone are the days when you had to wait to go on a holiday to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing bath. You can now bring this luxury to your bathroom in the most creative and classy way. Everyone loves a nice warm bath to get rid of all the tiredness and stress of the day. A good bath in a well-designed bathroom can make you forget all your worries and make you feel refreshed. To feel rejuvenated in the comfort of your home or bathroom you can design your bathroom with good-quality bathroom tiles, fittings, tiles and other stylish accessories from Kallums bathroom’s extensive range of bathroom supplies.

If you are searching for luxury bathroom designing ideas on how to do make your bathroom as luxurious and stylish as it can be, here’s a list of contemporary suggestions that will give your ideal bathroom.

1. Select a Theme

Depending on what you like and the kind of ambience you want in your bathroom, you can choose from a variety of themes like Victorian, classic, contemporary or modern. Once you have selected the theme you should buy all the supplies in sync with the selected theme. From colours, to textures to patterns, creating a visual picture really helps you install and make your bathroom a haven.

2. Quality Matters

True luxury can never be achieved by compromising on quality. Quality fittings in your bathroom will go a long way and are a must to achieve ultimate luxury. Be it the WC, sink, tub or the shower cubical, a well-designed and well-fitted bathroom fixture makes your bathroom high-end.

3. The Tale of Tiles

Tiles play a very vital role when you are glamming-up or decorating your bathroom. From colour, texture, print and the layout- tiles give your bathroom a real makeover. Choosing the right kind of tile can give you a designer looking bathroom. Explore the versatile and wide collection of tiles at Kallum Bathrooms to make you bathroom as stylish as it can be. If you like you can also choose from a selection of wallpapers in royal textures, attractive motifs and regal colours or prints.

4. Glamorous Lights

Lights in the bathroom create the right mood and ambience that make a bathroom look truly regal. From spot lights to stylish fittings, the kind of lights you choose for your bathroom highlight the many key features that are worth flaunting. Lights bring out the beauty in your bathroom and eliminate dullness. You can choose from warm, white and bright options and even install shower lights to enjoy a shower under water and colourful lights. A combination of wall and spot lights if installed professionally can create a beautiful effect and enhance the look of your bathroom manifold. Depending on the kind of theme you choose for your bathroom you can find Victorian style wall lights in the form of a lamp or can pick more contemporary designs.

5. Minimal Yet Bold Accessories

Bathroom accessories can accentuate the look and feel your bathroom in a very inexpensive and stylish manner. To add more luxury, comfort and style to your bathroom you can accessorise your bathroom with fancy towel rails, lighted looking mirrors, toilet paper holder, towel hangers, soap dishes or dispensers, toothbrush and toothpaste holders, toilet brush, tubs, tub trays, cubicles, waterproof televisions, mirror cabinets, bathroom vanity and more.

6. Mirror Magic

Put the perfect mirror in a bathroom and see the magic. Mirrors beautifully reflect the beauty of your bathroom tiles as well as highlight the effect of lighting in your bathroom. You can choose from a variety of shapes, finishes, sizes and styles. You can even choose mirrors with inbuilt lights for more illumination in your bathroom.

7. Flooring

Marble flooring is must to classify any bathroom as a luxury one. You can choose from a variety of natural patterns and colours available in the marble flooring range that matches your tiles and the theme of your bathroom.