Kallums Bathrooms

Designing a luxury bathroomis an art. To create a masterpiece you need professional installation, designing with the help of experts and high-end bathroom fittings. At Kallums bathrooms, you can explore and choose from a variety of high-quality, luxury bathroom fitting and supplies. Whether you are planning to design a new bathroom or redo your old one, there is something perfect for everyone here. Here you can find the perfect accessory for any theme and colour that you may choose for your bathroom. You can create the luxury bathroom of your dreams or the one that you experience at one of the 5 star hotels. Now you can build that luxury at the comfort of your home and can experience its beauty and perfection anytime you like. If you are designing a bathroom for your or for commercial space, this is one of the best places to find anything and everything luxurious for your bathroom.

Having a relaxed and luxury bath can do wonders for your mind, body and soul. A nice bath is the simplest and most effected way to indulging in self-pampering and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Here’s a list of things and styles that are trending and worth keeping a note of while designing your own luxury bathroom.

Trends in Tiles

Good quality titles make a big contribution in making your bathroom luxurious. You can choose from a variety of textures, colours and printed tiles. Trending these days are big block tiles in soft neutral colours or small ones with a glossy effect. To give your bathroom a unified and big look, you should tile your bathroom from floor to roof. This will also make it look more royal and regal. You can also choose to create a dramatic look by adding contrasting tiles in your shower area and a different colour of pattern in the rest of the bathroom. Usage of contrast tiles and creatively using it in different patterns can give your bathroom a classy and unique look.

Hi-Tech Bathrooms

In this modern era of technology, the features that define luxury have also advanced and become hi-tech. You can now make your bathroom uber-luxe by fitting waterproof television in your bathroom, showers with fitted lights that change colours with the flow of the water. You can now install waterproof Bluetooth speakers in your bathroom and enjoy your some relaxing music or sing along your favourite numbers while you are taking a bath. This experience is the most luxurious one, that too in the comfort of your own home.

Colours and Theme

Luxury bathroom supplies are available in glamorous variety of colours and themes. You can choose from classic white to glossy bright. Plus, you can design a theme with Victorian, Edwardian and contemporary fixtures to transform it into your ideal bathroom. You can now enjoy the luxury and look of any era, period or theme you like. Some trending examples are glossy blacks, metallic tiles, glitter tiles, tiles with a wooden effect; all whites and marble effect will make your bathroom look luxurious and royal.

Tubs and Cubicles

Fancy shower heads, rain showers, shower screens, enclosures and wet rooms also add oodles of luxury to your bathroom. You can also choose from enamelled steel bath, inset bath or other beautiful options that will tempt you for a relaxing time as well choosing them for creating your luxurious bathroom.

Types of Flooring

Quality flooring in your bathroom literally makes you feel luxury. Marble flooring has been an evergreen flooring options in all bathrooms. Available in many shades and natural textures, marble is the best kind of flooring option for bathroom that never goes out of fashion and is long lasting.

Modern Accessories

Adding modern accessories in your bathroom also adds to the luxury of your bathroom. You can include top quality and uber-stylish vanities, towel rods and rails, toilet paper holder and hanger, toothbrush and toothpaste holder, toilet brush and more beauty enhancing accessories.