Prioritise Wellness With A Spa Bathroom

Each year, on April 7th, we celebrate World Health Day. This day marks the anniversary of when the World Health Organisation was formed, also commonly referred to as WHO. Every World Health Day helps create awareness for a specific health concern as well as drawing focus on how important it is to always prioritise your health and wellbeing. For World Health Day 2023, the theme focuses on our journey of achieving health for all. Plus, it marks the 75th anniversary that WHO was founded.

WHO’s 75th anniversary is an opportunity to look back over the last seven decades and recognise the public health achievements that have improved quality of life. Also, it offers continued motivation on the journey of achieving health for all.

Improve Your Health With A Spa Inspired Bathroom

Whilst this may come as a surprise to some, a bathroom can actually be a great tool to help improve your personal health and wellness. A luxury bathroom can be a place of solitude rather than just a space for personal hygiene. It can become a place to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

In this modern, fast-paced, world we now live in – having a tranquil space that promotes relaxation has never been more important. Everyone experiences stress at certain times, but sadly it’s becoming a much more frequent issue for many people. Regular exposure to stress can be very damaging to our mental and physical health. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to combat regular stress, and to create and practice regular self-care rituals.

Relaxation is personal and looks different to everyone, so it’s important to discover what works best for you. A spa inspired bathroom designed with wellness in mind can be a great option. We believe everyone deserves a private space where they can spend time on their own and escape the stresses of modern-day life; and we also believe that a luxury spa like bathroom can be the perfect way to achieve this.

Below, our dedicated bathroom experts advise the easiest ways to create a spa bathroom in your own home, to help you plan a bathroom renovation designed around your personal wellness priorities.

Spa Bathroom Ideas

Planning a bathroom renovation? Why not create a luxury bathroom design that feels like your own private spa! Create a space that not only looks good but can help you feel good inside and out. Read our spa bathroom recommendations below to help you create a tranquil sanctuary that offers solitude and pure relaxation.

Master Bathrooms Luxury Bathrooms London

Mood Lighting

One of the easiest things to incorporate into your bathroom renovation, and arguably one of the most important, is mood lighting. Creating a relaxing ambience for a spa bathroom is key – and if you have harsh lighting that can’t be adjusted, it can really ruin the mood and make it difficult to relax. However, you also want to ensure you have good lighting for other tasks typically carried out in a bathroom, such as shaving or apply make-up etc. A layered lighting plan can help you achieve a balanced, well-lit space by using multiple lighting types. Combining task lighting and ambient lighting allows you to create a spa-like bathroom design that still offers excellent functionality and usability.

Relaxing Bathroom Décor

Another important aspect of creating a spa-inspired bathroom design is the bathroom décor. Choosing the right colour scheme can make or break your bathroom design, particularly for a spa bathroom. Colours can have a powerful effect on a person’s mood, so you want to pick colours that promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Spa’s typically use natural, earthy colours that feel peaceful yet luxurious. We feel you can’t go wrong with an earthy colour scheme in your bathroom design. You can also elevate this further by using more natural materials throughout your space. Such as bamboo bathroom accessories, natural stone tiles, and lots of plants and greenery. One of our favourite design options is a wood-effect vanity unit paired with wood-effect tiles.

wood effect tiles

Steam Shower

It’s common knowledge that regular use of a steam room (or steam bath) can have great health benefits. Such as lowering blood pressure, aiding with congestion, and soothing sore muscles. Many people also find it a very relaxing experience. The good news is it’s easy to enjoy this in your own home, with a steam shower. If space allows, we also highly recommend installing a large bench so you can lay down and truly unwind in your steam shower. Elevate the experience further by using your favourite aromatherapy oils.

Whirlpool Bath

If space and budget allow, a whirlpool bath makes a luxurious addition to a spa bathroom. Powerful jets offer an invigorating massage for a truly relaxing experience. Regular use helps with muscle recovery and improving blood circulation. Alternatively, a large freestanding bath can also provide a sumptuous experience. If baths are not to your liking, or your restricted on space, consider adding body jets to your shower for a similar relaxing experience.


For further assistance with planning your new spa bathroom, contact our team of dedicated bathroom experts who will be happy to assist with your bathroom renovation.

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