Luxurious Bathrooms Means Classical Designs

Why are Traditional and Classical Bathrooms Coming Back Into Style and What Should Homeowners Look Out For?

Bathroom styles have come and gone for centuries, ever since the first public bath houses were introduced in the Roman era. This has meant that the room has been given space over the years to evolve into what it is today. Everybody wants a perfect bathroom; the mix of relaxation and cleanliness which you get form the room should be reflected in its aesthetics, leading to a sleek and crisp designs. However, as designs have evolved, so have our tastes and it seems that the most luxurious bathrooms we have are finding their design inspiration from the past. This has led to the resurgence of those classical designs, some of which you can find below.

It seems that in the modern day, those luxury bathroom owners are favouring the likes of Villeroy and Boch bathrooms London whilst giving a nod to the early 20th century industrial designs. Here are a few of the features which are hot right now in the bathroom world.

Exposed Shower Pipes

Recently at the launch of the Axor Montreux collection, the company unveiled their industrial inspired exposed shower pipes design. This design for their bathrooms was simple in its effect, showing great through lines streaming down their walls whilst also keeping the levers and knobs simple in their functionality. This means that with the exposed piping, you’re given a great throwback to industrial era Europe whilst also serving as an easy to use shower. The exposed piping also added extra dimensions to the bathrooms aesthetics, a new smooth and flowing pipeline running down the side of the room. This adds flavour, originality and beauty to the bathroom.

Chrome and Nickel

Some of the most popular materials with which to make the metal finishes in these throwback bathrooms is Nickel and Chrome. In part the chrome is to add a modern touch to these nostalgic designs, whilst Nickel was more commonly used in the early 20th century. What both metals have in common however, is their unique textures and durability, especially when alloyed so as to resist water damage. If you’re looking for the perfect metal finishes to your exposed shower pipes, these unique metals are the way to go.

Keep it Simple and Bold With Black and White Décor

One design to bring you back to the industrial age is the classic blacks and whites. However you decide to work it, these simple but bold colours act as the antithesis of one another and therefore help to frame each other, adding an eye catching nostalgia to any bathroom.

Take It Back to Tiling

Tiling is the perfect way to bring your bathroom back to the traditional décor of the early 20th century. Whatever style you go for, tiling, either of mosaics or polka dot patterns is all the rage and will help you to make your bathroom as unique as possible. If you look at many Bathroom Showrooms, they will have examples of bathroom tiling you’d be mad to miss out on.

Industrial Inspired Bathrooms

The Industrial era of the Western world was all exposed piping and minimalist designs, fuelling the trends of today. In many bathrooms you’ll find a great mix of sturdiness and aesthetic edge, adding new dimensions to your home.

Old School Glamour

Many new Luxury bathrooms are kitted out with Victorian style antiques and amenities, such as faux chandeliers or shiny gold or metal plating. Of course, these are kept subtle, but a dash of the vintage can really add originality to your bathroom.