Luxurious Bathroom Colour Schemes

One of the hardest decisions when planning a bathroom renovation is choosing your colour scheme! A bathroom colour scheme is essential for achieving a luxe feel and design. The right colour can completely transform your bathroom, whilst adding depth and ambience.

Homeowners are continuously opting for bolder, colourful bathroom designs. Below we’ve listed our recommendations on the best colour schemes to make your bathroom feel more luxurious.

Pink Bathroom Colour Scheme

Pink bathrooms have been on trend for a while now – but they show no signs of stopping! Interior designers are continuing to find more ways to accentuate pink bathroom designs. If you are considering a pink colour scheme, the possibilities are endless!

Thinking of keeping your white bathroom suite? Pink and white go great together without being too intense. Whether you opt for pink bathroom tiles or paint, it will pair perfectly with white bathroom ceramics, bath, and furniture. Alternatively, you could choose pink bathroom ceramics and style with gold taps and accessories. To elevate your pink bathroom design, select another bold colour such as green or blue to add contrast.

Blue Bathroom Colour Scheme

Blue can add depth and elegance to a bathroom design. To keep things simple, opt for a blue and white scheme. Whether it’s blue tiles with white ceramics or white tiles with blue ceramics, your bathroom will look chic! For a bolder design, pair blue tiles with a bright coloured basin such as orange or yellow. Accentuate your bathroom design further by choosing gold or black taps.

Another option is to mix two different shades of blue with a light neutral grey or brown. This makes the blue stand out even more and creates a relaxed ambience. Accessorise this colour palette with texture by selecting wooden bathroom accessories.

White and Gold Bathroom Colour Scheme

Even though brightly coloured bathrooms are extremely popular, interior designers still love a clean white bathroom. Particularly a white marble bathroom! White marble never goes out of style and can transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary. However, we believe that most white colour schemes always need some juxtaposition. Style your white bathroom with gold or rose gold brassware, accessories, and fittings. The gold echoes the glamorous feel of the white palette whilst adding warmth.

Green Bathroom Colour Scheme

Green bathrooms are back! We don’t mean the avocado green bathrooms from the ’70s (thankfully). One of our favourite colour palettes is green, white, and gold. White painted walls with green geometric tiles offer a warm, sumptuous design. Especially when paired with gold taps and accessories. Or mix the gold taps with pastel pink accessories to soften the design.

For a bolder and more immersive design, cover all the walls with dark green marble tiles with all gold fittings. The dark green and gold perfectly complement each other by adding definition and creating a sense of drama.

Grey Bathroom Colour Schemes

Grey colour schemes look good in any room, but particularly in the bathroom! Almost every bathroom product is available in greys such as basins, baths, furniture and even toilets. Grey ceramics look best when paired with chrome taps and fittings. Although black accessories can add a luxe contrast. If choosing grey ceramics and furniture, you can keep the walls neutral or bright white. Alternatively, you could have a mixture of white and grey ceramics with white walls and chic grey panelling.

If you’d like a pop of colour alongside your grey, we suggest a pastel pink, yellow or blue. Having one wall a bright pastel colour with matching pastel bathroom accessories creates a relaxed yet confident scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom Colours 2021

As colourful bathrooms are such a hot topic right now, we decided to publish some of the FAQ’s we have been receiving from customers. Hopefully these can help you too! Do you have a question for our team? Contact us today, our friendly and knowledgeable team will get back to you asap.

What colour goes with beige bathroom tiles?

Beige doesn’t have to be boring when it comes to bathrooms. We think this calming shade can have a soothing and relaxing effect in a bathroom. Having neutral beige bathroom tiles also gives other accessories and furnishings the opportunity to shine!

Why not try a blue-grey bathroom vanity to complement the beige tone of your bathroom tiles? Or a blush pink or rose gold coloured feature wall? Colours from nature are always an ideal counterpart for beige tiles too, so be brave and get creative! Make a standout feature on your bathroom walls. 

What are the most popular coloured bathroom suites?

2021 has definitely seen a trend towards more bold and colourful bathroom suites! We are especially loving the green bathroom colour schemes, with stand out green bathtubs paired with gleaming white tiles. Read more about how to decorate with colourful suites in our recent Colourful Bathroom Design blog.  

What colour goes with grey tiles in bathroom?

For the most part, we think you can pair grey tiles with almost any colour! It is an extremely versatile colour in bathroom design, and yes, we do use grey tiles a lot in our bathrooms!

However, its important to  think about the right tone for the space you’re trying to create. You also need to consider the overall light or darkness you are trying to achieve in the bathroom  – this matters particularly if you have a smaller space.  

For a sleek, clean look that doesn’t go out of fashion, try white walls with your grey tiles.  PRO TIP: Pick a shade of just off-white, this will work best with grey tiles. 

Do you have any bathroom colour ideas for small bathrooms?

Sometimes the best way to make a small bathroom feel more spacious is to embolden it with dark, bright, or bold paint colours to distract the eye! Adding small pops of colour will work wonders when paired with a contrasting neutral tone. 

We especially love deep, rich blue accent colours in a small bathroom. When paired with marble or stone countertops this colour will look particularly beautiful without being too over-the-top. 


For more colourful bathroom ideas and inspiration, contact our expert team. Or visit our luxury bathroom showroom to be fully inspired.

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