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How Covid is shaping bathroom design trends

Throughout the last year, we have all spent a lot more time indoors. Naturally, this has made us reassess our home environment and provided opportunities to focus on home improvement. The pandemic has created a much stronger focus on hygiene, leading to many people opting to re-design their bathroom and producing new and exciting bathroom trends.

Home Spas

With what has undoubtedly been a tough year for everyone, we understand more than ever the importance of wellness. People have realised that a bathroom can be more than just a place to brush your teeth and have a shower in the morning. When optimised, a bathroom can be a truly relaxing sanctuary that helps alleviate stress. We are seeing an increase in spa-inspired wellness being incorporated into the bathroom. There are many ways to make your bathroom feel more like a spa, such as buying a whirlpool bath or adding body jets and a steam function in the shower.


Hygiene has always been important, but even more so in the current climate. TOTO Washlets have become increasingly popular, due totheircleanliness and hygienic features. Many Washlets now include ewater+, which is electrolysed water that reduces the build-up of dirt and bacteria. The sleek design and advanced cleaning features provide a stylish yet healthy addition to any bathroom.

Bringing the outside indoors

Many of us are missing the outside world, which seems to be reflected in our bathroom design choices. There has been a steep rise in bathrooms with a more natural looking aesthetic. Colour choices seem to be getting bolder or following a more earthy pallet. Bathroom furniture made from natural wood or with dark oak tones, is becoming increasingly popular.