Here Are Nine Steps To Help You Clear Your Bathroom Of Clutter

Trying to have a nice relaxing bath when your bathroom in filled with clutter, is a nightmare. You finally decided to have a soak and close your eyes and when you open them you’re staring at bits and pieces and towels and other things which just shouldn’t be there! In order to create a serene bathroom where you can relax in peace without the mess and clutter you need to ensure two things: that you can get out of the bath and into it easily, without any obstacles in the way, and that you can relax and unwind in there when you want to. Just because you don’t have a High Ends Bathroom London, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a beautiful bathing space.

Here are Nine Helpful De-Cluttering Strategies That Should Help Make Both of Rhese Important Things Possible.

1. Make Sure You De-Clutter Before You Clean

Don’t waste your time by giving your bathroom a deep clean when you haven’t de-cluttered the bathroom space. Especially since you’ll probably have to do it all again anyway when you’re cleared your bathroom of unwanted stuff.

2. Ditch The Samples

Most of us received free shower gel or cream samples at some time and many of us don’t bother using them. Now they sit in your bathroom taking up space, in the hopes that one day you’ll use them. Here’s a tip: wait two more weeks, and if they haven’t been used, bin them.

3. Throw Away Things You Don’t Use

You may have unused gifts or bath creams that you haven’t used, that sit in your bathroom taking up precious space. You might tell yourself you’re going to use them, but it’s very unlikely. Give it a little time but if you haven’t used them in a week, give them away or throw them out.

4. Get Rid of Old, Unused Cosmetics

You might not have known this but cosmetics and make-up actually have cell by dates! It’s very important that you don’t use out of date foundations of creams on your face as this can cause your skin to be sore and irritable. Make sure you throw away any make-up that’s out of date and check all creams and soaps to see if their still ok to use.

5. Keep Travel Supplies In a Suitcase

Keep your travel cosmetics and supplies in a designated suitcase and not in your bathroom! You’d be surprised at just how much space this stuff can take up.

6. Carefully Decide What You Want To Display

If you don’t use and item frequently then it probably shouldn’t be on display. This is the same for creams and soaps which aren’t used on a daily basis. Display the products you us regularly and it will clear your bathroom up in seconds!

7. Organise Your Cupboards Properly

It’s important to go through your cupboards every now and then, to check if things are where they should be and discard things which aren’t used or are out of date. Group things together which are similar and keep things you use often in easy to reach places.

8. Use Baskets To Help With Storage

Cute baskets can make all the difference when it comes to storage in your bathroom. You can line them up on a shelf or have them in a row on the floor and use them to stash things such as toilet roll or towels.

9. Add Some Nice Touches

Now that you’ve de-cluttered your bathroom it’s time to give it a good clean and reward yourself for doing so well and getting the space back to what it should be. When you’ve finished cleaning you could put some scented candles and freshly folded towels in the room to give it that perfect spa mood.