Fuel Your Imagination: London’s Newest Bathroom Showroom

Despite the always evolving nature of the luxury bathroom industry, with its drive for ever higher quality and ever more aesthetically pleasing suites and products with which to fill them, one thing has never changed and remains as true as it always has – people in the market for a brand-new bathroom suite relish the chance to get a clear idea of just how such a suite with its different fixtures and fittings may look in practice; how it may look in their own home. In short, they still crave to visit bathroom showrooms as much as ever. And it’s for this reason that Kallums Bathrooms have recently opened a showroom in the Putney area of London.

Fitted out with so many of the outstanding, high-quality bathroom products that we sell through this very website, our Putney showroom is undoubtedly then a living, breathing showcase of our broad and highly varied range – and demonstrates just how well so many of them go together to create the perfect, complete bathroom. You’ll find items from all our product categories here (baths, showers, wash basins, WCs and bidets, taps and brassware, saunas, whirlpool and hydrotherapy baths and tile designs and wallpaper for wall and floor coverings). And all of them drawn from our luxury bathrooms brands – from Catalano to Victoria & Albert, Hansgrohe to Villeroy & Boch and Bisque to Imperial – while our showroom is fitted out too with our many and various natural stone offerings, featuring the likes of black and gold marble, carrara, calacatta and nero marquina.

A bathroom should be a place of relaxation and repose; a room in which you’re able to forget about the outside world and wash away the trials and tribulations of your day. To that end, your bathroom ought to be utterly unique; of all the rooms in your home it should be bespoke. It ought to provide that little touch of luxury you require and need, enhanced by your personality and your own sense of style.

A visit to our showroom then is all about inspiration – giving you the opportunity to see with your own eyes the latest creations available for all present and future luxury bathrooms London and to create a composition in your mind’s eye of how you’d like your own bathroom to look; what your bathroom should contain to fulfill its purpose as that haven in which you can perfectly unwind, refresh yourself and face the day and life anew.

Maybe you yearn for a homely yet beautiful, traditional bathroom or are you hankering for a modern, more minimalist-designed space in which to relax and bathe? Whatever takes your fancy and suits you best – you’ll find true inspiration and myriad options to catch your eye and tickle your fancy at ours, the latest perfectly appointed, state-of-the-art of bathroom showrooms. Moreover, visiting us at our showroom also affords you the opportunity to meet our staff in person, of course; enabling you to speak to them face-to-face and get to know them – and them to get to know you – so they can impart all the years of experience and wisdom they have and advise you best on products and wider ideas for creating the perfect bathroom for your home.

This includes, of course, not just tying down the ideal style and look of the space but also identifying the most suitable and best-fitting products for your bathroom; making well-informed decisions. All ensuring then that you end up with a beautiful and stylish but fully practical and perfectly functioning new bathroom suite – one that’s absolutely the right fit for you, your family and your home.