Redesigning Your Bathroom This Year

Redesign your bathroom can be an arduous task especially when you’re not sure what exactly you want. You want your space to feel and look relaxing and for it to be a haven of sorts for you when you feel like taking a soak, or sitting on the loo reading magazines. You might know what you want your bathroom to look like but may be unsure of what that bathroom looks like or what is current in the design world. You might be interested in functional storage spaces which save time and money and are family orientated. Or you may prefer a chic space with lots of glamour and luxe.

This article will run through some of the newest and most stunning luxury bathroom design trends for 2017. This year is huge when it comes to high end bathroom design trends. There is so much to look forward to this year, and this really is the perfect time to spruce up your bathroom, once and for all.

Period Style With Modern Touches

Vintage inspired glamour is huge this year when it comes to interior design and this look can really give your bathroom a sense of romantic, timeless glamour. There are a few choices when it comes to choosing a period of time you wish your bathroom to emulate, but a few favourites are of course the Victorian and Edwardian styles which have been carefully reproduced with fitting and fixtures. Recently there has been a trend for art-deco style designs, with geometric patterns taking centre stage. Whilst authentic pieces are no doubt stunning, you may to choose something modern when it comes to the plumbing and other more important jobs. Investing in modern luxuries such as power showers, rimless loos (eco-friendly bathrooms are trending!) and taps which have ceramic washers.

Lighting And Glossy, Shiny Spaces

Using mirrors, glass surfaces and the clever use of light can add some serious wow factor to your bathroom. By using reflective surfaces instead of extra lighting you can really boost your space and make everything seems bigger and brighter. Light reflective wall materials such as wall panel, tiles and high gloss furniture will go a long way into making a compact space feel much bigger than it actually is. It’s all about optimizing space using glossy, shiny, surfaces, which by the way are super easy to clean and perfect for those pesky moisture-prone areas.

Using Au Natural Materials

Using natural materials, whether it is fittings, surfaces or anything else, will give your bathroom some earthy glamour and add some much needed warmth and character to the space. If you are a fan of rustic beauty or more modern traditional looks. There are plenty of great materials you can use to really transform your space and you could start by incorporating stone into the tiles or walls. Antique taps, shelving and even basins can add an unusually beautiful look which is rugged and hardwearing, while at the same time being wonderfully tactile.

Go Bold With Colour

Mixing splashed of intense colour with on-trend patterns- whether they are geometric or chintzy florals will inject jazz and life into your bathroom space. Plain white ceramics are not trending this year and it’s all about experimenting with colour and choosing some of the shades which are trending this year: Deep-sea blues, glamourous greys and sizzling aubergines. These elegant, rich shades are best used in single block colours, especially if your bathroom is on the small side. You don’t want to overwhelm an already small room with busy colours so choosing a feature wall and splashing out on colour is a better idea: It’s eye-catching and gorgeous. Thankfully, colour doesn’t just stop at the walls as they now have tiles available in a myriad of finishes, shades, and shapes. You could try mixing and matching different coloured tiles for a fantastically contrasting look. Luxury bathroom designs don’t necessarily have to be super expensive; it’s just about being inventive and creative with the materials you can get your hands on, and being creative enough to achieve you bathroom dreams.