Kallums Bathrooms

Your bathroom is a reflection of your taste and style and, as such, it should feel personal to you. We believe that there is no excuse for not making the most out of the accessories in your bathroom. We highly recommend that all your accessories match with the design of your bathroom and we have put five top contemporary bathroom accessories and all on offer in this spring 2017 sale.

1. Soap dishes are simple yet helpful household accessories that benefit users in many ways. This AXOR soap dish design is durable, functional and blends well in contemporary homes.

2. Towel holders are an essential accessory for any bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite. This beautiful AXOR towel holder blends in easily with any bathroom décor, a stylish and practical way to keep towels neat and tidy.

3. Shopping around for bathroom accessories can be a lot of fun, and even more enjoyable when you find a decorative piece that can change the look of your bathroom like this stunning freestanding cosmetics box.

4. Like any other bathroom accessory, the style of your toilet brush holders should work in synergy with your bathroom’s style. Every household has a toilet brush – a tool for cleaning a toilet bowl and this modern AXOR wall-mounted toilet brush holder is a perfect choice for a modern bathroom.

5. An essential complement to your basin area is investing in a toothbrush holder that saves space and keeps your basin or vanity unit free of toothpaste stains. We believe that choosing the right toothbrush tumbler is sometimes as important as choosing the right bath, and we strongly recommend this contemporary yet practical toothbrush tumbler for your dream bathroom.