5 Bathroom Product Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Stylish Bathroom Product Ideas For Small Bathrooms, Cloakrooms and Compact Shower Rooms to Help You Create The Bathroom of Your Dreams

Smart choice on bathroom products and finishes will help you turn even the smallest bathrooms into a stylish and practical space. With so many bathroom products on the market, making the right choice can be a challenge.

Whether creating a streamlined, modern or traditional look, here are five effective bathroom product ideas that will turn your small bathroom into an impressive and enjoyable space.

Product Ideas For Small Bathrooms

1. Frameless Glass For Wet-Rooms or Shower Enclosures

A walk-in shower or a wet-room glass panel without frame creates the effect of ‘not being there’ in this bathroom, enhancing the impression of larger floor space. Having no frame enhances the ‘see-through’ effect and helps with less cleaning.

Freestanding tiered wooden storage shelf unit keeps towels and small items handy and neatly stored. Similar colour bathroom tiles on the floor and walls make the space feel larger.

2. Compact Vanity Units For Small Bathrooms and Cloakrooms

Compact wall mounted vanity units for cloakrooms and small bathrooms remains favourite for storage and for their streamline wall mounted look. They are available from different bathroom product suppliers in a range of different sizes, colours and textures. Most of the cloakroom vanity units have short projection and therefore have tap placed on the side of the basin but there are also few small vanity units with a tap hole at the back of the basin.

3. Compact Wall Hung Toilets For Small Bathrooms

To create the illusion of extra space in smaller bathrooms, compact wall hung toilets are a great option. In this type of installation, the toilet frame and cisterns are concealed behind the wall saving valuable space. With the floor clear, it creates the impression of a more elegant larger floor area which also makes it easier to clean. With today’s options of Rimless flushing technology which is much quieter, more efficient and cleaner, small bathrooms and cloakrooms are also getting smarter.

4. Large Mirrors and Mirror Cabinets With LED Lights

Having a large mirrored area in small bathrooms will create a larger reflection which in turn will influence the perception of space. To maximise on storage area without taking any extra space from the small bathroom use recessed mirror cupboards with LED surround lights. Most of the LED mirror cupboards also come with charging sockets which helps keeping the rest of the house tidy by removing electric toothbrushes and shaving devices from other locations.

5. Bathroom Tiles

Another smart idea to making a small bathroom seem bigger is to use the same tiles on the floor and walls. In this case the natural look marble effect porcelain tiles in combination with wall recessed mirror cabinet create the effect of a spa-style seamless look.

Designing a Small Bathroom

When it comes to designing a small bathrooms and cloakrooms here at Kallums Bathrooms we rely on many years of experience and practice to transform tiny bathrooms into the stylish and usable spaces.  Once we decide what bathroom features are important to you, we will draw a scale plan and design the bathroom using the most suitable bathroom products for small bathrooms and the best colour palette.

While white colour bathrooms are probably the best choice for small bathrooms it can sometimes feel a little bit too plain. In that case we will use a hint of colour on the walls or bathroom furniture, adjust light features and introduce clever features and accessories.

For help and advice on bathroom product ideas for small bathrooms and cloakrooms please contact Kallums Bathrooms and make your dream bathroom a reality.