Taking Our 3D Bathroom Design Visuals To The Next Level

A bathroom renovation can be a complex task. Therefore, before committing to something as important as a new bathroom design, you need to ensure your bathroom ideas are achievable.

Bathroom Design Service

Our design team are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to support our clients. We offer a comprehensive design service that includes creating detailed 2D and 3D interpretations of how the final bathroom design will look. Most importantly, we take into account all the technical areas of your bathroom space. Which can easily be overlooked when searching for bathroom design ideas.

Improving Our Bathroom Visuals

Usually, we create visuals using Virtual Worlds, which is a brilliant software commonly used in the bathroom industry. However, The Kallums design team have been taking some time to develop their skills and create visuals using a combination of Sketch Up and Enscape.

Firstly, we use Sketch Up. Which is an architectural modelling software that allows us to physically model bathroom products as well as spaces. Giving us total freedom to bring your designs to life. Plus, helping us create more bespoke and professional drawings.

Next, we use Enscape – a post rendering software. Using the drawings created in Sketchup, Enscape lets us create photorealistic renders of our client’s proposed designs. Allowing them to immerse themselves in stunning realism. We are sharing some of our first, stunning project designs using this method. Our clients have stated that the high-quality visuals were a huge influence in selecting us for their bathroom renovation.

Are you struggling with new bathroom ideas? Or need support with a new bathroom design? Click here for more information on our design service, or contact our expert team.

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