10 Tips On How To Quickly Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

Close your eyes and think about the last time you entered a bathroom and felt instantly relaxed. We bet it wasn’t just the plush fixtures and fittings that left you with the feeling of luxury, it was also the special attention to the little details.

After spending more time indoors in the last year, updating our homes for a more luxurious experience has never been so important. As well as being a functional room, the bathroom can be a place to retreat to and chill out in when life gets too busy or stressful.

Spa-style features, sumptuous textures and ambient lighting can transport you in a matter of seconds to weekends away in elegant hotels and health spas. Its these small (but just as important!) details that are more often felt than they are seen.

After years of creating luxurious bathrooms for our clients, we have teamed up with we buy any house to bring you our top ten tips to help you transform your bathroom into a bespoke haven in no time at all.

White square counter top basin with green plants nearby

Tip #1: A Touch of Green:

Elegantly framing your bath or basin with unique plants creates a natural flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, whilst also looking beautiful and providing better air quality.

Tip #2: Soft Glowing Lamps:

Remove and replace the harsh and unflattering overhead lighting with soft glowing lamps to create the perfect relaxing lighting for your bathroom.

Tip #3: Luxurious Spa Pillow:

Investing in a spa pillow with suction cups for your bathtub will transform the usual uncomfortable neck and shoulder rests into a luxurious experience with orthopedic benefits.

Tip #4: Candles:

Whatever your preferred scent, candles are an essential accessory to creating a calm, revitalising ambience. Plus, they make your bathroom smell great!

Tip #5: Glass Soap Dispensers:

Replacing miscellaneous bars of soap with glass dispensers brings a sense of elegance and declutter to your countertops. Creating a clean and tidy space that promotes relaxation.

Tip #6: Bamboo Bath Mat:

Replacing the standard cotton mat with a bamboo bath mat will instantly bring a luxurious spa element to your bathroom and will remain first-day new- maintaining the fresh and clean element.

Tip #7: Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray:

Keeping a theme, a matching caddy tray elevates the relaxing and luxurious atmosphere of your bathroom, whilst also providing a practical solution to balancing beverages or books whilst you soak.

Tip #8: Massaging Shower Head:

Simply replacing your shower head with a massaging shower head revolutionises the hygienic functionality of a shower into a luxurious personal retreat.

Tip #9: Glamourous Mirrors:

Adding a sleek mirror to your bathroom changes the plain looking glass into a bathroom with a polished and luxurious finish.

Tip #10: Storage Baskets:

Bathroom organisation can truly affect the luxurious feel of a bathroom. Small wicker storage baskets keep clutter out of sight whilst keeping the essentials on hand.

We hope these tips on how to quickly make your bathroom feel luxurious have inspired you! If you’d like a bit more help, contact our expert team today. Or for more bathroom inspiration, browse our case studies or visit our London showroom.

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