What Does a Full Bathroom Entail?

People are always putting their homes on the market, but when it comes to a bathroom, knowing the correct terminology can be the difference between the right price and the wrong price.

We’ve all been there; we’ve put our house on the market, filled in all the details, how many bedrooms, if there’s a garden or if it’s a flat, what the balcony situation is. And then you get to the bathroom. Maybe you have a bathroom and a separate toilet; maybe they’re all in the same room. Bathrooms are translated into four different types and knowing which one yours is can be crucial to how you sell your home or property. Each technicality of the bathroom will up or lower the price and will help people determine just how much space your home has, and whether that space correlates to the amount of people living there. So just what constitutes a bathroom?

How are they categorised?

The bathroom in estate agent terms, is categorised in four different ways. This is useful as it helps people to know what to expect from the house. With so many on the market, a quick glance at a house description will tell you everything you need to know about it, making property selling as easy as buying from an online clothes retailer. There are four different categories, the full bathroom, the three quarter bathroom, the half bathroom and the quarter bathroom. These are constituted by the presence of four different bathroom features; the wash basin, the toilet, the bath tub and the shower. Each category therefore, is determined by the appearance of these.

The full Bathroom

Most bathroom showrooms will feature a full bathroom. These are the full experience, all four of the aforementioned bathroom features in one place. This will add great value to your home, due to the convenience of having a bathroom area with all of these on show. It will also determine how much space you have in the bathroom.

The three quarter bathroom

The three quarter bathroom refers to a bathroom which has all but one of the four features. This could be a toilet, sink and a shower or a bath, a sink and a shower. Any combination could work, as long as the sink is involved due to the uncleanliness of it not being so. In the case of selling your bathroom, this usually means that there is a singular unit in another room, implying more space in the house. This is of course if the bath does not double up as a shower.

The half Bathroom

The half bathroom is one of the most common of the bathrooms. Here you will find either a toilet and sink or one of the other two features and a sink. This feature is often common in an en-suite, usually being suited to the needs of one person and therefore can be smaller than most. Needless to say, half bathrooms can still be well designed and absolutely a high end bathroom. You can fit them out with the very best of cutting edge bathroom equipment and they can still be beaustiful and sought after on an aesthetic level, especially with the wide range of Contemporary basins on offer from many companies.

The quarter bathroom

This bathroom is far rarer than others in part because one of the four quarters without a second feels incomplete. You can’t have a toilet without a sink. That would be unhygienic. Usually with the quarter bathroom, if it were a toilet, you would have a nearby sink in the next room along. These may exist due to space issues, your bath and shower room may not have the space for a toilet or sink.

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