How to Protect Bathroom and Home from Limescale



How to Protect Bathroom and Home from Limescale


And the revolutionary “Scaleout System”


It seems that there are numerous ways to protect bathroom and home from limescale. The question is;
Are they any good?


Having installed many bathrooms around Central London, South West London and Surrey, where customers invest good sum of money to remodel their bathroom, very often they ask a question; how can we protect our bathroom from limescale?

We all know that around London area water is very ‘hard’.

What does ‘Hard water’ mean? In short:

  • Rain water containing CO2 falls to earth

  • It passes through many layers of soil, rock and stone

  • Rain water absorbs Calcium and Magnesium and many other minerals

  • It becomes ‘hard’ water

Once that water enters water tanks, boilers, washing machines, kettles, shower valvesshower headsbathroom taps, shower screens and so on, it starts depositing those minerals on all surfaces. This deposit of calcium causes reduction in the water flow, reduction of the heat exchange efficiency and increase in the energy bills.

It’s calculated that average home spends between £200 – £240 a year on extra products to overcome the effect of ‘hard’ water:

    • Shower screen glass protector


    • Limescale remover


    • More laundry detergents


    • Water softeners


  • Electronic devices


What is a good solution to protecting Bathroom from limescale?


Water softeners

Many people use water softeners to eliminate limescale from their water. There are many water softeners available on the market and they can be a good solution to the ‘hard’ water problem, but also have some disadvantages like:

  • Water is not drinkable because of large sodium content
  • It requires a storage space for the equipmen
  • Can reduce water pressure
  • Servicing cost


Scaleout system

Scaleout system is more advanced scale prevention and removal system. It consists of the compact device with a replaceable cartridge which is fitted on the mains water pipe.

There are different sizes available and it offers a 24 hour protection with low maintenance and most of all, water is drinkable.

How does it work?

The cartridge contains special ceramic beads which convert the ions in the water into non-scale crystals that flow through the system without ability to attach themselves to surfaces. At the same time, crystals also de-scale existing appliances and water system.

The beads have life expectancy of 3 years and can be easily replaced.

Benefits of Scaleout system:

  • Water still contains minerals
  • Water is drinkable
  • Operated by the water only
  • Targets existing scale
  • Easy to install and compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Shower screens stay clean


Protecting bathroom and home from limescale involves lots of searching and fact finding in order to find the best solution. It all depends on the individual budgets, storage space, maintenance cost and most importantly on the quality of the de-scaled water.

We at Kallums Bathrooms have installed and prefer to install Scaleout System due to the simplicity of installation, size of space required, and maintenance cost and water quality.  For more information on the prices of Scaleout System and how to protect bathroom and home from limescale click here…