Whirlpool & Hydrotherapy Baths

Whirpool & Hydrotherapy Baths
Sit back and relax in your very own hot tub with our selection of luxury whirlpool and hydrotherapy baths. Indulgent and luxurious, whirlpool baths offer a truly therapeutic experience to promote wellness and rejuvenation. Hydrotherapy is popular in spas and retreats around the world, and has been proven to restore mental and physical wellbeing, with benefits including improved sleep, reduced pain and lowered blood pressure.

Although an eye-catching centrepiece for bathrooms, many of our hydrotherapy baths can also be installed outdoors to be used throughout the seasons. Going out in the freezing cold might not sound appealing, but there’s nothing quite like relaxing in the steaming water of a hot tub in the dead of winter!

Our hot tubs have all been selected from designer brands and each has been engineered with innovative technology to ensure impressive jet performance, reliability, and durability. We have a range of sizes including whirpool baths that can seat up to 8 people and are perfect for entertaining guests, or smaller tubs for those planning more intimate and relaxed evenings. Our whirlpool baths come complete with all fittings to simplify installation and set-up.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our whirlpool baths, or alternatively visit us at our Putney showroom to see our full wellness collection.

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