WC & Bidets

A bathroom ultimately needs to be functional, but we firmly believe that every element should be carefully selected in order to create a seamless and attractive design. With this in mind, we offer a full range of designer WCs and bidets to complete your space and complement your aesthetic choices.

Designer Toilets

We offer a comprehensive range of toilets, including back to wall, wall mounted, and close coupled WCs. These include everything from period designs featuring high cisterns, chain flushes and brass plating, right through to elegant wall-mounted toilets ideal for contemporary bathrooms.  A variety of colours for WCs and seats are available, including traditional white porcelain, classic wooden lids, and even unusual black finishes for a strikingly modern look.


Take your bathroom to the next level in comfort and hygiene with the addition of a bidet. A standard fixture of many European bathrooms, bidets are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as well. As with our WCs, we offer back to wall and wall-mounted bidets, as well as freestanding bidets to suit a range of bathroom styles and designs

Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your bathroom design and installation, or visit us at our showroom to see our full range of WCs and bidets.

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