Free Standing Basins

For an unusual and futuristic take on washbasin design, browse our range of tall free standing basins. A fresh interpretation of the pedestal sink, they bring a truly modern edge and feel to any bathroom, and form striking centrepieces in their own right due to their unique appearance. Choose from majestic curved designs, or bold geometric lines, but no matter which takes your fancy each basin features cutting edge style and height that are sure to make an impression.

As well as traditional white ceramic, we also stock free standing sinks expertly crafted from natural stone and marble. These are the perfect choice for those inspired by classical periods who want to bring a touch of Greek and Roman design to their bathroom.

Get in touch today to talk to us about our collection of free standing basins, taps and accessories. We’re always happy to help you make those crucial decisions about your bathroom furniture; simply book a consultation or visit our showroom for more information.

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