When you’re faced with having to come up with interior décor solutions for very public spaces in your home like the lounge, dining room, kitchen or hallway, it’s easy to overlook the effect you can achieve through simple, sometimes relatively minor decorating and renovating touches in a bathroom.

But why should this room in the house be left behind? Just because it’s a room in which people spend less time, it’s still one that everyone (including guests) spend at least some time. Why shouldn’t it be afforded a theme, a design, improvements; at the very least, some tender loving care?

Indeed, you may find there’s far more options for transforming homes’ bathing spaces into high end bathrooms than you initially thought… curious? Just read on:

  • Make a Statement – adding ‘statement’ fixtures and/ or accessories is an obvious and dynamic way to embellish or spice up the design and look of your bathroom. Particularly design-focused vanity units and mirrors (whether they be minimalist or vintage) are a great idea here, as are the likes of free-standing baths and showers in spacey bathrooms to express individualism and unrivalled indulgence, as do copper, gold or rose gold finishes to taps and other fittings
  • Luxuriate in a Bathtub – on the ‘statement’ bathtub line, it truly is the ultimate in bathroom extravagance; after all, soaking in a bath’s one of the most indulgent things you can do on a regular basis. And the choices here are endless; what’s your thing – contemporary chic or rustic luxury? An attached unit or a more attention-seeking free-standing model? Turning a soak in the tub into something artistic is a beautiful thing, indeed.
  • Add Finesse to Walls and Floors – what design or at least theme are you looking to pull off for your bathroom? Whether it’s minimalistic modernist or something more vintage or rustic, adding a touch here and there to the walls can go a long way to achieving your desired look; we’re talking the likes of mirrors, mirror cabinets, towel racks and towel radiators, specific paint shades and wall or floor tiling (all of them big deals for designer bathrooms)
  • Smooth or Tactile Tiles – as far as tiling options go, they can transform the feel of a bathroom (on the walls or the floor) thanks to styles, patterns and possibly replicating natural materials like wood, metal or stone; in terms of floor tiles, polished, rough-polished or unpolished choices can dramatically alter a bathroom’s look
  • Get Tech-Savvy – once upon a time the bathroom was a no-go zone for the likes of radios and TVs (thanks to the danger such electrical devices might drop into a full sink or bath), but no more; an increasing number of bathrooms are becoming digitally-driven spaces featuring the likes of electronically controlled and super-hygienic, rimless toilets-cum-bidets and even wall-mounted screens for every bather’s viewing pleasure


  • Go Fancy With Faucets – achieving a touch of bathroom style’s possible just by titivating sink or bath taps; sleek faucets and spigots with clean lines and smooth curves will always be popular, but why not allow your sink or bath to cut a dash with neo-Rococo or Victorian-styled taps?
  • That Lightbulb Moment – finally, you may not have realised it (and, if so, it’s about time you did), using light in a bathroom can dramatically affect the ambience and the aesthetic appeal; the softer the lighting the more you can highlight and showcase specific bits of the room, while the greater the lighting the brighter the space will be (obviously), but more often than not, the grander the overall room’ll look too.

And that’s to say nothing of the difference in tone and appearance specific light fittings can make to a bathroom, of course – the correct choice here can go a long way to achieving that style you’re after in the room; after all, your lighting options range from everything from delicate and glistening chandeliers to simple and subtle lamps.