Luxury savings: enjoy 30% off all Villeroy & Boch products

Too often, we look on a bathroom as merely a functional room; somewhere in a home to bathe and, aside from that, spend little time. Yet every home should be one’s own little paradise and no room within it second best. So why should our bathrooms not combine function with aesthetic appeal; bathing solutions with beauty and even luxury?

One of our leading brands, Villeroy and Boch bathrooms London, creates and manufactures every one of their outstanding products with this principle in mind; their mantra being to find joy in the bathroom. So, it’s good news then we’re now offering 30% off every one of the Villeroy & Boch products we stock. The range includes:



ViClean toilets and bidets

The ViClean range combines toilets with bidets in the smartest, most intuitive way possible. Stylish and compact with smooth, curved lines and concealed supply connections, each ViClean unit features different functions that can be operated and adjusted at the touch of a button. This means they’re fully equipped to meet the very highest requirements in hygiene and comfort, ensuring a gentle but thorough cleaning action enhanced by the refreshing sensation of warm tap water.



Villeroy & Boch hot-tubs

Let’s face it, hot-tubs really are the height of luxury – especially this time of year, giving you the chance to enjoy the outdoors but keeping you warm and free from the frosty effrontery of winter. The Villeroy & Boch hot-tub range comes into its own here, as none of its units require winterisation prior to winter use, meaning you can pop straight into one and wallow in its delights (such as hot-tub jets or the alternating hot-and-cold-water sauna effect) whatever the temperature outside. In large part, this is because each hot-tub boasts a robust, extremely durable design, ensuring moisture can’t penetrate its interior.


Oregon floors

Every one of our high-quality Oregon stone floor choices come with a choice of two finishes, glazed or unglazed – the former a matte surface; the latter a rough-polished or fully polished surface. And all finishes offer various levels of slip resistance. It’s worth noting the matte and rough-polished options are great at keeping their floor tiles resistant to dirt and stains thanks to the presence of the vilbostoneplus seal, which sees the tiles’ surface sealed during the manufacturing process. These unglazed-surface options then are particularly suitable for heavily used rooms in the home, such as bathrooms.


Newtown tiles

Oozing elegance and dripping with old-school style, the Newtown range is exactly the bathroom tile solution to turn to should you be angling for a vintage aesthetic. Employing the latest manufacturing techniques, this range is nonetheless all about traditional design. So much so, in fact, it harks back to the looks and décors employed by Villeroy & Boch around 100 years ago; the various Gründerzeit and Jugendstil decorations they feature evoking a sense of early 20th Century luxury. Note: all the designs ensure tiles can be laid together to create a continuous pattern.


La Diva tiles

A wall-and-floor tile collection inspired by the traditional yet multicultural aesthetics of Asiatic and European handicraft, the La Diva range assures premium quality right down to the very last detail, while offering a wonderful opportunity for personalised styling in your bathroom. The concept behind La Diva is to draw together a welter of designs from different historical periods and mix and match them to result in a tile range brimming with beautiful floral elements, gorgeous geometric patterns and artful ornamentation for subtle yet unbeatable opulence.


Dégradé tiles

Finally, utterly ideal for luxury bathrooms London, the Dégradé tile range seeks to enhance that room’s sense of mindfulness and cleanliness by conjuring up a truly relaxing, peaceful atmosphere and mood. How? Because the Dégradé aesthetic is made up of muted hues, shadowy flavours and subtly moving tones, mirroring the appearance of both ocean and sunlight. Shades such as foggy blue, muted white, elegant crème and expressive petrol are the order of the day here; their tiles can combine to produce a co-ordinated progression of colour, creating an irresistible and highly appealing spatial effect that’s neither traditional nor modern, but simply timeless.

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