21 Different Bathrooms From Around the World

If you’ve travelled the world and nature calls, you may have come across some of the completely different bathroom cultures and etiquettes across the globe.


If not, you’ll be surprised by what’s out there. Below we’ve come up with a list of weird, wonderful, wacky and innovative bathrooms from around the world.









1) Floorless Bathroom

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico


Imagine looking down this 50-foot elevator shaft whilst doing your business. The designer included a see-through floor as part of a penthouse design in Guadalajara, Mexico.

2) Locked Seat

Location: Colombia

Looks like they don’t want any funny business in Colombia. Strangely it can be known for toilet seats in public places to have a padlock on them. You may be wondering why? We’ll get into that in the next culture shock.

3) Paid Toilets

Location: Colombia

A lot of places in Colombia require payment to use their toilet (which explains the lock). On top of that, some places charge you depending on the way you relieve yourself in the toilet. For example, one tourist photo highlights a Miami (number 1) costs 500 pesos and a Chicago (number 2) costs 1000 pesos.

4) Loo With a View

Location: Mount Whitney, California, USA

Here’s one for the bucket list. Fancy doing a number 2 at 14,505 feet? This toilet is at the top of California’s tallest mountain. Not bad if you don’t mind a breeze.


5) Female Urinal

Location: China

One Chinese University took water conservation for the good of the environment one step too far. They came up with the female urinal. The design of the urinal is made to save a lot more water than a traditional toilet.

You may be thinking, how on earth do females pee in a male urinal? Well, that’s what the disposable cardboard pee aimers are for (pictured bottom right).

6) Japanese Super Toilet

Country: Japan

The Japanese have hit the jackpot with this one. They’ve included a huge range of features. Some even have a noisemaker feature that plays a mix of classical music and white noise.

Other features include; a bidet (cleaning wand), heated seats, massage, dryer and air deodorizer.

7) Underwater Bathroom

Location: Japan

Mumin Papa Cafe in Akashi, Japan have built a $270,000 aquarium style bathroom so it feels like you are doing your business at the bottom of the sea. If you ask us, it beats your basic wallpapered bathroom.

8) Ski Toilet

Location: Japan

As part of an ad campaign, Georgia Max Coffee went around Japan renovating toilets to promote their new drink. They amazingly turned this one into a ski resort giving the illusion of standing at the top of a slope.

9) Gamer’s Bathroom

Location: Japan

So your favourite new game has just been delivered. The new game is all that matters and you find there is no time for anything else (including pooping). Luckily, if you’re in Japan then it’s no big deal – you can do both! Although, I think privacy is an issue.

10) More Mobile Phones Than Toilets

Location: India

According to a study by United Nations University, more people in India have mobile phones than toilets.

India has a population of around 1.2 billion people. Almost half (563.73 million) of this population own a mobile phone and about a third (366 million) of India’s population has access to a proper bathroom.

As a result of the toilet shortage most people just go wherever, whenever the mood strikes. However, most developed cities, tourist places and airports have western style toilets.  


11) Chocolate Bathroom

Location: England

Apparently, over a million British people search for ‘bathroom sweet’ instead of ‘bathroom suite’ every year when looking for a new bathroom.

One bathroom company CEO ‘Ian Monk’ picked up on the spelling mishap and teamed up with Choccywoccydoodah to sculpt this delicious bathroom sweet from 50kg of Belgium Chocolate.

bathroom made of chocolate

12) Skyscraper Toilet

Location: The Shard, London

Why not go in style? This is a £2 billion development, 800 foot high on the 68th floor. From this bathroom, you can see London landmarks like the Tower of London.

13) Mirror Bathroom

Location: Switzerland

Designed by Monica Bonvicini in Basel, Switzerland. This toilet is completely see through when you are stood inside and appears as a mirror to people on the outside.

Her art project called ‘Don’t Miss a Sec’ was inspired by viewers at her art shows that avoid going to the toilet because they think they will miss out.

See through toilet

14) No Squatting, Only Sitting!

Location: Switzerland

This sign can be found on trains around the swiss alps, aimed at tourists from Asia who aren’t aware of the swiss toilet etiquette. Looks like they are sick of broken, dirty seats.

15) Dolce & Gabbana Bathroom

Location: Italy, Milan

Based in a city that is considered as one of the fashion capitals of the world – hosting fashion week every year.

Dolce and Gabbana designed this luxury loo in a restaurant called ‘Gold’. This restaurant has also hosted many celebrities including Paris Hilton.

16) Pop Up Public Toilet

Location: Denmark

Mind your step! You have a toilet at your feet. This public toilet in Demark emerges from the ground like something out of a sci-fi movie.

17) European Bidet

Location: Spain

The famous Bidet has had tourists visiting Europe baffled for years. Some have even referred to it as ‘a bath for babies’. What it’s actually for is cleaning yourself after you’ve relieved yourself.  


18) Nine Foot Python In Toilet

Location: Australia

Not something you want to see if you are heading to Australia anytime soon. This 9-foot python was found hiding in the women’s toilet of the Charles Darwin National Park.

19) Stadium View Urinal

Location: Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

Don’t miss the game! What an Idea. Simple but effective. We think this idea should be adopted by every sports stadium in the world.


20) Composting Toilet

Location: Haiti

Great innovation from a voluntary organisation called Haiti-kinderhilfe who designed this toilet for primary school children.

Haiti has suffered from hurricanes that have ruined their infrastructure. Therefore, these toilets are an ideal solution. The same innovation has been adopted in many rural areas around the world.


21) Composting Toilet

Location: Central West Antarctica

This outhouse in McMurdo Station was built to carefully handle human waste. In a place where humans shouldn’t make any environmental impact – this is a necessity.

Also, this is a great spot to keep warm away from the cold wind. The outhouse is fitted with a 5-gallon plastic bucket that is shipped off when full.

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